Sunday, 21 February 2016

Surprise Shopping #2

Recently I went to Tesco and picked up this lovely phone case for an amazing bargain of £1 as it was in the clearance bucket! I'm so proud of finding this deal because it's those little offers that go a long way, especially as the covers are usually £5-£12 and that is quite expensive for a case. 

I own an iPhone 5 and since I have quite a few cases already (I may be addicted) I didn't want to go crazy and buy a lot therefore I just decided on buying this wonderful purple galaxy print cover with the words "THINK BIG" printed on them. The sides are clear and it's made of plastic so it may not protect my phone so well, yet something about the case was calling my inner Tumblr that caused me to buy it (do it for the aesthetic), like it is galaxy printed and has a quote printed on it hOW mUch MORE Tumblr can you get?