Saturday, 26 November 2016

Surprise Shopping #4

DUN DUN DUN I did it again. I swear this sale gets to me and I'm only saving 33% but acc this time I saved 60% for being a loyal customer so woop

Let's go through the first item that started it all, I needed some setting spray and the MUA setting spray was just not living up the broke gal pride so I decided to bump up my budget to £4.99 on Barry M matte fixing spray. I am happy with my choice and even though it is much smaller than expected it really does the job well. I found that my makeup stayed on really well, I mean I wasn't matte but after a long day at least I wasn't a greaseball per usual.

I then picked up this mascara because I am in desperate need for a new one and this was recommended to me by a friend. When I was there I saw a few of the same product so it was elimination time. I knew I did not want waterproof because that stuff is hard to take off and I needed one for everyday, also for that reason I got blackest black. I kind of want to say I got the big blackest black because I have big eyes and really love mascara with volume but I was unaware of this before purchase and just wanted the BIG because it was a brighter pink colour. I heard a mix of reviews and considering I was buying 3 for 2 I didn't mind experimenting. I like it a lot tbh the formula is good to play with, not at all dry or clumpy, it makes my lashes look extra long without looking like spider legs so it's good for basic looks.

My final choice is... a blush by Sleek! I feel like I'm moving towards Sleek slowly and honestly no regrets, even though I'm not a fan of their lipsticks they have been impressing me in every other aspect. Usually I'm a bit weary of buying Sleek because of the price but the blush was £4.99 so it was alright (price made cheap me happy) :D I chose Flushed because it was a dark matte colour which is great for the cold season and something I do not own. I LOVE IT! Ah I love it as light blush for everyday and a bold blush for events and how it's so deep but classic and doesn't look childish or anything I love it. I am so happy with this :D xxx

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

#PSYCH Schizophrenia (1)

Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder that affects the thought process by creating a lack of contact with reality. It has positive symptoms that add on to 'normal' thoughts and behaviour e.g. hallucinations; and negative symptoms that reduce 'normal' activity e.g. loss of drive.

Sunday, 20 November 2016


"I am doing so much and so little at the same time."
"How am I supposed to work to my best when I am like this, it isn't possible ahhh what do I do?"
If this is you and you're all like same then yooo just keep reading because same and here are some tips from me to you that I found really helpful to get me out of a no brain slumpp.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Surprise Shopping #3

I wasn't supposed to go into Superdrugs so I think the lack of sleep pulled me into the store and the rest was history. It was covered in 3 for 2 signs and pom poms I just had to get something so this time I even surprised myself. I'm actually pleased with everything I got even if it wasn't planned, I did decide to get things I already use daily but from different brands.

First up I wanted this MUA highlighter in gold because I always test it out and it's such a beautiful shade, I know that MUA is very pigmented makeup so when this highlighter came out sparkly it just made my dreams come true. I do like gold highlighters with my skin tone so this one was awesome. I knoww it looks white but trust me it's like I'm wearing gold glitter in the best way.

MUA shimmering highlighter in iridescent gold

As the highlighter was three pounds I needed things within that range, the first thing I thought of was Maybelline lip balms and it being Autumn they had a new range. Of course me being my fanatic food loving self got super hyped over chai tea flavoured lip balm and just had to get it. It was also a good deep shade of pink/red that I knew would look good on me. Baby lips is a product I have tried before so I knew it would be pigmented enough that I could wear this alone on a basic day and still look like I glammed up.

Maybelline baby lips in chai tea latte

Finally I was about to buy another baby lips when I remembered that I needed a new deep brown shade to bronze/counter my skin but it did need to be in the three pound range to make sure I was getting the most out of this deal, so I was super excited to get this magnificent find of a three in one bronzer, highlighter and blusher for £3.50 from Makeup Revolution. I know it is 50p over however I don't know if you can see but the screen was cracked so I was able to get it for £3 instead and hey I can live with a crack as long as the product is all good.

Makeup revolution three-in-one in medium/dark C04 

And this is the final look with some primer underneath for an even base otherwise I am happy to leave the house with just these. If you think I'm lacking in confidence because I'm looking down plej no that's not how it works I am just too much model that you cannot handle my shy bride look >.< I am actually really happy with everything I got and seriously this is such a good sale, like this is the one 3 for 2 across all cosmetics, lashes and nails and just yes go for it! You also get a free pom pom to join the #pompomsquad and I am tempted to do a bit more just to get the other two... we'll see =)

without flash for true everyday look

with flash bc too much professional

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Fall Study Challenge 25-31

25.10.16 // Hobby
Damn do I even do anything? lol jk sleeping can count as a hobby. However recently I got a camera to borrow from college and that's pretty great! I got both a digital and film camera for the holidays so I'd been using that a lot.

26.10.16 // Study inspirations
"If tomorrow's not the due date, today is not the to do date"
What inspires me to study?? Actually studyspo and deadlines help a lot. Looking at cute notes makes me put more effort in when writing them out aand when I have a lot to do I get stressed out easily so I make sure that I note down what I've done in a day so I can keep track of what needs to be done and it keeps me going. It's kind of weird but I also remember Jim Chapman in a tag with Zoella, talking about how he used to do all his work as soon as he got it and well I kind of just want to be like that I guess!

27.10.16 // Fall theme

... Am I Autumnal yet? I bought a comfy kind of jacket-cardigan from Primark recently and then added some badges to personalise. I wanted something to keep me warm but not hot and this is perfect because it is thin but has a lovely warm material that keeps out the cold. I recommend it for cold mornings and chilly days. I did actually get it from the men's section just because even though it was a bit more pricey they had a much better material and the fitting was more comfy than tight which is actually perfect for fall

28.10.16 // Costume/fall colours

Gold. I'm loving the idea of wearing deep, rich colours like navy blue and teal or plum all over again but there has been a lot of gold accents popping up in my life and I am arms open to it! Sometimes it'll be love to a new highlighter that might as well be sprinkles of gold considering how much they shine and other times it's the golden yellow like in this late night cookie dough that keeps me happy.

29.30.16 // Unknown

There isn't a title for this one so I just decided to insert this picture of a noodle box because I really like food and that is what I ate for lunch today.

30.10.16 // This month I...

have never felt so relaxed and hectic. I had a lot to do but Alhamdulillah I got through it. Yes it could have gone better but it also could have been worse. I'm at least trying this time so it's okay.

31.10.16 // Halloween! / note to self

I need to start fixing up my timetable as in when I sleep and when I'm awake, because it's getting darker I tend to sleep earlier which isn't an issue as long as I wake up and don't oversleep
PS that's kind of what happened yesterday which is why this is late, sorry.

Although that is the challenge complete, I really enjoyed it as it helped keep me motivated however if I don't post soon I'm either too busy, my laptop is dead or I'm just tired and I blame the weather for being darker earlier.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

NYX Lingerie - Exotic 12

If you follow me on snapchat you'll know that I went shopping today, it was mainly for clothes but I did buy a few other bits and bobs; one of which includes this NYX liquid lipstick.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Fall Study Challenge 18-24

18.10.16 // 5 reasons to be happy 
  1. I got most of the work I needed to do, done!
  2. I took a really good shower, like my hair is clean my body is soft and I could be a model really, I smell so nice ^_^
  3. Tomorrow is an early day so I get to sleep early (I like sleeping) #NAPtime
  4. My makeup was so glam 
  5. Just listening to the Sia's album 'This is Acting' is awesome
19.10.16 // Favourite subject

I love psychology. That is my favourite. I'm really happy with all my choices this year but my forever love is psychology <3 We're currently learning about schizophrenia and I just really love learning about people and every lesson I keep thinking this is something I want to do forever and how I could help people with the information so it really makes me determined to study and do good.

20.10.16 // Outline

I don't really get this one but umm outline itself could mean to give a summary of so here is a summary of schizophrenia worth like three marks...
Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder that affects the thought process by creating a lack of contact with reality, there are positive symptoms that add on to 'normal' thought patterns e.g. delusions, hallucinations and thought disorders and negative symptoms that reduce 'normal' activity e.g apathy, flat emotions, alogia etc.

21.10.16 // 5 facts about myself
  1. I am an introvert
  2. I like food. A lot. I can eat a lot. Like a lot a lot like not just saying it. Try me, especially if someone else is paying (jk I pay for ma-self)
  3. Today I went Brighton for the first timeee! It was fun, went for photography and I really enjoyed the day
  4. I'm really bad at charging my phone. I would take a battery bar but I don't charge that either
  5. My room is always messy, if you ever see my room and it's not messy please do not go through any of the draws; don't embarrass me like that no just leave the mess inside
22.10.16 // Why I like studying

To be honest I don't study as much as I'd like too but when I do it makes me feel prepared and less worried about tests and things. For me and a lot of people there is a positive correlation between amount of studying and test results so that's a big reason to like it.

23.10.16 // Flashcards

I'm not doing flashcards right now so these are some old ones from my last psychology exam for research studies. Can you tell I prefer writing over drawing?

Sorry I've been MIA recently I had quite a busy week but now it is the holidays so stay tuned! I also have a camera soo better quality pictures will be up and that makes me so so happy =D

Sunday, 23 October 2016

St Ives Apricot Scrub

I've probably said this so many times but I swear this is the end all for my love on this scrub, I'd just like to talk about it one more time so I can get it out of my system =)

There is a scrub for normal skin type but as I have oily skin I buy the scrub specifically for that. I need to exfoliate so that the oil doesn't sit on my skin for too long and create spots so I love the seeds in this that help clear and prevent any spots occurring.
I have friends who have dry skin and they love this too because it also has a creamy texture so it isn't at all drying. I wouldn't consider myself to have sensitive skin but I'd like to mention that it is a scrub with seeds so it can be harsh on the skin but from what I've used it hasn't caused any lasting redness or reactions.

I love the smell!! Apricot products are actually so underrated in the beauty world, which is upsetting as they have so many benefits, for instance the scrub is abrasive yet moisturising so can help reduce wrinkles whilst keeping the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. The scrub is also amazing because it helps create an even skin tone, this is for anyone who has scars or marks the apricot scrub helps remove dead skin cells, over time and regular use the new skin layer is gently on top, leaving you with a more flawless looking face.

Lastly I'm going to mention the price, it's usually retailed for £5 and this might seem like a crazy amount to pay but trust me this actually goes such a long way, especially if you cut it open like I did because you'll see that there is lots left and it's all good to use! However if that seems a little crazy for you to pay, next time you're in Superdrugs look out for it in the skincare section and it might just be on offer for better than half price (the cheapest I've seen was £1.65) so if you ever want to try out a new scrub I'd definitely recommend this one especially on offer and if you're like me and love it then be sure to stock up when it is!!

Can you tell I'm obsessed with this, what is your favourite skincare product?

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Fall Study Challenge 11-17

11.10.16 // Things I'm stressed about
For real sometimes I think I'm not stressing enough and then I start stressing over that. Recently though I'm kind of stressing over all the assessments as it is nearly the end of the first term this year and all my tests just want to happen at the same time.

12.10.16 // Planning
With the end of term comes the HOLIDAYS and yeah even though sometimes it gets really busy the holidays help calm down and relax so it's all worth it.

13.10.16 // 5 things I like about myself

  1. I can do stuff - Lots of times I'm just really lazy so when people tell me I can't do something sometimes it gets to me however in those moments I like to prove them wrong and it is really a good feeling to be able to just say yes, I can.
  2. I'm different - I get that everyone is different and it's just about finding your tribe well currently I feel like I can relate to people and I have met some people who please my soul but I have realised and accepted that I am different and that is an advantage. I think differently, I feel differently and my actions are different; obviously it's not in everything and there are similarities but the differences make it me and not just anyone so good or bad differences it's me.
  3. I have a never perfect attitude towards myself, they say you are your own worst critic and I totally agree with that. That might seem pretty dismal but it makes me strive to better, to do better so I'm always trying to do good and do better.
  4. I know I just said I don't think I'm perfect but I am pretty happy with my body, physically it doesn't look any special and anatomically I am like lactose intolerant and allergic to egg based foods but still, I have a pretty good metabolism that deals with all the junk I eat and I may seem weak but I swear fight or flight I can survive. Idk I probably seem overly dramatic but I swear it's true.
  5. Okay this is just me no one else needs to agree, I like my style. It's random, quirky and probably no matter how hard I try I stick to childish and will forever be labelled as cute but at least it's me. I like my style, it's not formal but it's not slouchy, not even on my slouchy days I can just work it perfectly and that makes it awesome to me.

14.10.16 // Notes
My notes are really ugly but I tried for this, these aren't my final notes just ones for class and when revising I would probably write them out again in a more concise manner but for now these will do.

15.10.16 // Currently studying
Lol. I am currently studying Communication & Culture at this very moment because I am working on an essay I need to hand in for Thursday; if you want to know all the topics I'm studying look at this post (here) :)

16.10.16 // Insecurities
I don't think I am insecure, I am what I am and other people can think what they want and it doesn't really affect me but I think it does get to a point and everything is just questionable. Right now I am insecure on my study and if it is paying off because I won't know till the test and well until then I am sitting on a fence named unsure and I am feeling like Humpty Dumpty.

17.10.16 // Notebook
It is such a basic book that I actually bought from the college, it was 80p for 80pgs and I just like that it is wide lined so I can fit my writing in between the lines without it looking uncomfortable. It is a bit thick especially considering I add loads of extra sheets inside but it is does an amazing job so I'm happy. I also use some basic A5 books in lined and squared from Wilkinson for little notes and things!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Superdrug face masks 8D

I love Superdrug. Absolutely one of my favourite places to go ever since I started shopping all by myself. I'm one of the originals I have the first beauty cards and not the fancy half black ones they sell now. All my makeup used to be bought from here, as well as a whole tonne of my bath products! So it is safe to say I have tested this product a whole lot, this was one of the first things I bought and continue to buy, keep on reading if you want to find out why!

It's cheap. £1 per packet that can be used 2-3 times that's a good deal, they also have tubes of masks that last for so long (totally recommending) so overall you can be sure that you get your money's worth, sometimes they even do 3 for 2 on face masks and well trust me then it's like picking the last sweet in a candy store but every minute of it is fun.

My favourite for acne has to be the lemon and witch hazel face mask just because the clay really helps clean the oils in your skin and whenever I have a lot of acne this just helps balance it all out by really gets rid of spots. The only thing I will say is don't expect speedy results thinking that if you use it every day it will be flawless in no time, the drying effect can be overdone so I recommend once or twice a week.

They smell AMAZING <3 In my personal opinion the apricot face mask was not up to par but every other face mask (practically all of the rest) is soo good. The exfoliating berries mask for normal skin types and cinnamon mask has to be my favourite for smells just because I love sweet things, even if it's an artificial scent it's really important you enjoy it considering it's gonna be on your face for 10-15mins.

The self heating masks are the best for dry skin but I still get them for a cold day because I swear it straight up works so good for cold days to make you feel all warm and cosy again, they also help brighten up your skin so that's a plus especially if you've been feeling gloomy; maybe that's just me. I do have to say though the self heating masks need to go on a wet face otherwise it can feel itchy, especially on sensitive areas like under eye. They also don't necessarily dry up so I leave them on for a good 20mins or till I feel like the warmth is fleeting.

These are my personal opinions kay it is definitely not the same for all skin types so even though I did include something for most I'm just putting it out there, I am no skincare expert so don't quote me.
To end, here's a throwback from 2013 (I'd have been 14 and she was 4) of me being really excited and putting face mask on my sis, dw I took it off as soon as my mum told me that it's not good for babies I'm an idiot ik dw >.< Have you ever tried these masks out, which is your favourite?

Monday, 10 October 2016

Fall Study Challenge 4-10

4.10.16 // Today's thoughts
Today was such a good day. I had Subway for lunch and well basically my life revolves around food. Also had such a funny time with my friends kinda just making fun of eachother but it's all good cos that's when you know the friendship is real.
On the way home we were discussing though, there's good days and bad, but bad days aren't necessarily bad; they make you appreciate good moments more. Ygm?

5.10.16 // My study imperfections
Haha I have so many. Easy mistakes bother me but I feel like that's just a part of learning so I won't count that as an imperfection... Naps! I am not an owl, if I'm going to do an all nighter and I think a quick nap is a good idea hahahahaha No. That never works for me but come next evening and I'll be setting a timer again. I just never learn *sigh*

6.10.16 // My study method
It's pretty basic, I'm a note taker if I wanna learn something then writing it out really helps, lil doodles here and there are cute too. I like to try and make my notes neat and every time I write them out they become more concise, thus something of quality and boom lEaRnEd.

7.10.16 // 5 study tips
1. Drink water. I swear if you're ever studying keep a bottle of water with you, you're using your brain (a mon avis the sexiest muscle) and like every other muscle water is used to create energy so keep hydrated!

2. Before you start have a plan of action so whilst you work you have an end goal. Trust me even if it's just a list, the feeling of crossing it out once your done becomes motivation to continue.

3. Find out what works best for you and stick to it no matter what other people are doing, I'm basic so not taking works best for me but that might not be for you, seriously spend some time experimenting with different techniques and use the one that suits you most no matter what anyone else is doing kay

4. Switch off all distractions. You know why I said swich off, because when you're at home and you say your friends are a distraction well the main way they can reach you is because of that piece of technology so for right now just switch it off. Some people like background noise so leaving the TV or radio on is finee but you know you, so just do what's truly best for you.

5. Take a break, chill realise that this is probably really important right now but you are a human being and not a machine, it is not possible to work round the clock all day so know when you need to just take a step back and breathe xx You are your no. 1 priority not work.

8.10.16 // Favourite stationery
These pens. So colourful. Such wow. Tbh so content. fAVOURITE.
Those rubbers. Too cute. Much good. Very useful. Worth it.
Them tapes. Good good. Wow. Nice. Happy.

9.10.16 // Why I study
A cynical thing to say would be because it's the law but really I believe in health and education so much, get those two right and everything else will fall into place. This doesn't mean you need to be constantly getting degrees left, right and centre; just try to learn to be good at everything you put effort into to make it the best for you. I am so lucky to be in a position with education being so easily accessible to me so I study to make the most of it and give me my best chance. #OUAT whatup

10.10.16 // Study struggles
There are so many but hey that's what makes it worth it in the end, right?
I think an issue for me is deadlines. I'm such a procrastinator and what I've realised is when there's no deadline I do good work asap but when there's a deadline I just put it off, like okay maybe I'll look at it once or twice but no I don't work on it properly till last minute. This is such an issue for me, can anyone relate?

Second week done!! This month is pretty hectic but holding on, how's school/work going for you?

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

My day as a college student

1:02AM // I have just finished my work and was heading off to bed when I realised today's post is this and this is probably part of so many student's routine. Seriously I love sleep, why you do this to me?! (technically I did this to myself by procrastinating and starting work late but minor details)

6:32AM // This is when I actually wake up to get ready, idk if one hour is a long or short time but it's enough for me to do my morning routine peacefully; any earlier and I'll clash with my brother and any later I'll clash with my younger siblings. If you'd like to know my full beauty morning routine then check out My Morning Routine (link here)

7:30AM // Fortunately this isn't everyday but I leave pretty early to get to  college early and have some time to just chill with friends before lessons.

12:50PM // LUNCH! This is not everyday, this probably wouldn't even be considered most days (this year) but just on these days I took a picture of lunch and how much it could vary. I also really edited the junk food because at the end of the day a box of chicken and chips is not that pretty and needs a lil lot of help.

1:51PM // In college it's more flexible what you do in your free time and I'm grateful that study rooms are optional so I usually only go to the library when I know it's going to be semi-empty so that I can go to my favourite spot to just chill and do work. I don't think this is often but it is regular cause as important as revision is sometimes I'd stay in the canteen to talk to friends and take a break from lessons.

3:05PM // LAST LESSON! After this I'd be done in college so I could just zoom home :) Sometimes I'd stay a little longer in college to chill with friends or study in the library.

5:31PM // You think I'm done? Noo I just get a breather to relax and refuel and catch up on life then back to work! These are what I'm currently using in the bath, it's probably of no interest but Herbal Essence is sometimes so good and at the very least smells amazing and I like it very much ^_^

6:29PM // And the procrastination kicks in as I prioritise blogging and social media over work *monkey no see*

7:43PM // As the Sun goes down my brain kinda kicks in and I start thinking and preparing for the next day, whether that's planning, homework or just getting my bag ready! It's my last year of college so I try to make sure I do a bit of every subject every day, it all adds up kay

11:41PM // I get tired. Unless I'm seriously behind on work I would usually nod off at this time so just getting ready for bed and going to sleep ^.^ Finally x

That's my day! How'd you find it, is yours similar different? Let me know in the comments

Monday, 3 October 2016

Fall Study Challenge 1-3

1.10.16 // Introduce yourself
Hey so I'm Shazeda HII kind of new to the whole studyblr gang you know but giving it a go! I'm 17 from England, in my second year of college studying Psychology, Photography and Communication & Culture such a weird bunch of A levels I know but I really enjoy them so it's all good.

2.10.16 // October goals
Basically I'm doing this to be more productive and more motivated in my work. By the end of October I'd like to have scored 80% on my assessments and make sure every day is a useful day. Exam are soon so I want to get in the work zone. If you want the full deets on my goals then check the post from earlier on the plan to work out and study more (link here)

3.10.16 // Study space
Well it kind of changes a bit but at home I love studying on the floor. I don't really like desks because they make me feel confined and it's actually harder for me to concentrate so I just glam up the floor for a bit and work there. I used to work on my brother's bed but that became a bit too comfy so now I just blog and take breaks there.

I'll be posting every Monday so that's this week guys, this challenge was created by @studytosuccess and @inspiringstudies on Instagram, have you joined?


Saturday, 1 October 2016

Pizza Hut

FOOD. FooD. Food.  YAAS I don't really know why we went out to eat but I'm glad we did, it was a nice time out with friends. Pizza Hut is actually a great place because it suits everyone financially and by taste! For instance I'm kind of lactose intolerant so a pizza place is never good for me but because they make the pizzas fresh you can ask for no cheese so I was happy!

MY PIZZA! So I didn't actually go as crazy it seems as there was a spicy veggie pizza available, I didn't get any meat because as amazing as Pizza Hut is none of the meat is halal but hey that's okay I just added more spice and it was still so great! Considering it was my first time to get pizza after ages I got an individual size cause I ain't sharing, I even changed some of the ingredients so that wouldn't happen =P You also get free unlimited salad with any pizza which is honestly so awesome, because I actually like salad and everything in the salad bar is suitable for vegetarians so you can go crazy!

There's always room for dessert. And unlimited ice cream bar oh yes. Did I mention I was lactose intolerant? I spent the week saying that I was not going to eat ice cream but as soon as I was there I just went whatever and joined in (I have no restraint). It was so awesome and beautiful to just get as much ice cream as you want  and add whatever!

In hindsight it was a good time with good people and good food but maybe next time I'll get something else for dessert!

Have you ever been Pizza Hut? What's your favourite pizza toppings? 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

How I remove my makeup =*

I am no makeup guru, for me makeup is like expensive face paint and to be able to experiment and go artistically creative is super fun. But at the end of a long day there's nothing better than just wiping it all away and being left with a squeaky clean face that is fully refreshed and nourished. It's especially amazing considering that makeup no matter how expensive and luxurious can affect your skin so it's really important to keep your skin nourished and hydrated!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Ice Cream Bread OoO

I've been inspired well really I've been feeling nostalgic after GBBO and bread week I was thinking of those lessons in Cooking class when we had to make bread and learning about how it rises and the ache after the kneading process. Well after that I also learned a sort of unhealthy alternative to the process.


Monday, 26 September 2016

Read a chapter...

So I decided to try out this technique when reviewing a book, instead of just reading any review or blur you give it a go and if you like the first chapter then you carry on if not well then you put it down and try again. This to me seemed a little uncomfortable to do in a book shop so I decided to go to a library and pick a book!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Autumn Aesthetics

Hey so it's getting more chilly now considering it rained this morning so I'd just like to share a few posts I found on instagram that really gave me that Autumn feeling and is just so pretty to look at. I went through the accounts so I'm sure they're awesome so hope you enjoy these lovely posts!

A photo posted by @kidveins on

she loves moonlight and rainstorms and so many other things that have a soul.

I am made for Autumn. Summer and I had a fickle relationship, but everything about Autumn is perfect to me. Wooly jumpers, scarves, thin first, then thick, socks. The low slanting light, the crisp mornings, the chill in my fingers, those last warm sunny days before the rain and the wind. The moody hues and subdued palate punctuated every now and again by a brilliant orange, scarlet or copper goodbye. - Alys Fowler

Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower - Albert Camus

At this point my blood type is pumpkin spice

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Learning in London

London. Such an amazing place don't you think? There's so much to do considering it is the capital city of England, loads of tourists visit here and for good reason. I went around London through an educational perspective and if you'd like to see how that went then keep on reading!

Starting off at the British Museum to keep it basic,  there's actually so much to do and see and considering it's free is a must to visit! I walked around for a bit and saw this which really intrigued me, probably because school just started and I've gotten into journaling recently so seeing Sigmar Polke's work that's started from 1941-2010 really shows how old journalling really is, capturing this every day art from advertisements and using water colours to show creativity inspired me to start and continue journaling.

the blind leading the blind
Later on was the Wellcome Collection for a bit more insight on the mind. This was from the Medicine Man collection, it was by a Dutch painter named Pieter Bruegel who liked to create painting with lots of little sayings that would reference to certain quotes that people at the time would understand, this one is specifically from the Bible and shows various  injuries to the eyes including eyes being removed and corneal leukemia. I was really captivated by this one in particular because it's still so relatable even today and well to be honest it wasn't at all as creepy as the other images were to convey the message. (If you're into gruesome stuff then definitely check this place out)

This is a letter inspired from Vladimir Nabokov's 'Alphabet in Colour' work, it was to demonstrate the art in the qualities of a moment itself. This was based on coloured hearing and how a letter could show that similar colour lettering synesthesia (associating letters with colours) can be learned through training, showing just how flexible the brain is. The letters in the collection are by Jean Holabird in 2005 who was inspired by Nabokov's autobiography which tied with the theme of science and soul. There were many more thought provoking collections that intrigued me in the State of Mind exhibition so I would definitely recommend this place to visit.

oF COURSE when I have control over what I eat I chose the most sugary stuff possible, to be fair I really wanted Sainsbury's milk choc chip cookies so when I genuinely made my friends come hunt for one with me, thankfully a nice gentleman could see (and probably hear) us me struggling to find one that he joined in the conversation and told us the directions to the closest one :) The energy drink was because I was feeling sleepy but I had work to do later on so I needed some quick energy to keep me in work mode. This isn't what I'd eat regularly, more like a big snack but it was just for the occasion and I did have a proper meal later that day that was specially made for me by my friend Niffya (on her mother's request that is) still was absolutely lovely especially as an ending to a lovely day out.