Saturday, 1 October 2016

Pizza Hut

FOOD. FooD. Food.  YAAS I don't really know why we went out to eat but I'm glad we did, it was a nice time out with friends. Pizza Hut is actually a great place because it suits everyone financially and by taste! For instance I'm kind of lactose intolerant so a pizza place is never good for me but because they make the pizzas fresh you can ask for no cheese so I was happy!

MY PIZZA! So I didn't actually go as crazy it seems as there was a spicy veggie pizza available, I didn't get any meat because as amazing as Pizza Hut is none of the meat is halal but hey that's okay I just added more spice and it was still so great! Considering it was my first time to get pizza after ages I got an individual size cause I ain't sharing, I even changed some of the ingredients so that wouldn't happen =P You also get free unlimited salad with any pizza which is honestly so awesome, because I actually like salad and everything in the salad bar is suitable for vegetarians so you can go crazy!

There's always room for dessert. And unlimited ice cream bar oh yes. Did I mention I was lactose intolerant? I spent the week saying that I was not going to eat ice cream but as soon as I was there I just went whatever and joined in (I have no restraint). It was so awesome and beautiful to just get as much ice cream as you want  and add whatever!

In hindsight it was a good time with good people and good food but maybe next time I'll get something else for dessert!

Have you ever been Pizza Hut? What's your favourite pizza toppings?