Monday, 3 October 2016

Fall Study Challenge 1-3

1.10.16 // Introduce yourself
Hey so I'm Shazeda HII kind of new to the whole studyblr gang you know but giving it a go! I'm 17 from England, in my second year of college studying Psychology, Photography and Communication & Culture such a weird bunch of A levels I know but I really enjoy them so it's all good.

2.10.16 // October goals
Basically I'm doing this to be more productive and more motivated in my work. By the end of October I'd like to have scored 80% on my assessments and make sure every day is a useful day. Exam are soon so I want to get in the work zone. If you want the full deets on my goals then check the post from earlier on the plan to work out and study more (link here)

3.10.16 // Study space
Well it kind of changes a bit but at home I love studying on the floor. I don't really like desks because they make me feel confined and it's actually harder for me to concentrate so I just glam up the floor for a bit and work there. I used to work on my brother's bed but that became a bit too comfy so now I just blog and take breaks there.

I'll be posting every Monday so that's this week guys, this challenge was created by @studytosuccess and @inspiringstudies on Instagram, have you joined?