Monday, 19 September 2016

song of the day

The Greatest - Sia ft Kendrick Lamar

Since I heard this song I swear it has been my motivation. It's Monday which is usually a struggle for me but nope not with this cheering me on! Seriously it's on a level that I just have a spotify playlist filled with this 20x (1hr 10mins) and I couldn't be happier.
Can you tell I'm the more listen to one song repeatedly till you get sick of it or find a new song kind of person :p

Overall the lyrics are quite repetitive by itself and that entices the simple message about being the best you and putting your all into the work you do. I am so for that and that when there is something you really want to do then you should just go for it! Hustle hard and then when you think you've done all you could, do more. 

Sia is such an amazing artist and Kendrick Lamar is definitely one of the greatest I am such a fan of this pair as it creates a really on beat song that isn't so much pop music blur but more hip hop fashion that is great  on it's own but I'm sure there will be awesome remixes to look forward too. 

I enjoy listening to this as I plan for my day usually late evenings or early mornings cause it keeps me going and yes I do play the hour long playlist as I work so that I don't get too distracted.

My favourite part has got to be the bridge just because it's something I can personally relate to especially in those moments you feel like calling it a day, the chorus then comes in and reminds you of your goal and how if you keep persevering you will be the greatest.

What's your favourite song at the moment? Let me know in the comments xx