Friday, 23 September 2016

starting a bullet journal

It’s Autumn!!!! In this frosty season is the start to a new year of school and as a plan to get my life back on track this year I’ve created a bullet journal!  I feel like they’re the perfect blend of organization and creativity that there is only a (slight) hint of procrastination. 

To start off the basics, Ryder Carroll created bullet journaling to help organise daily life, it had then evolved into a studyspo art piece even still, if you want to learn about the fundamental elements of bullet journaling click here

I have really been loving this method because it gives you much more freedom than buying a printed planner and as you make it your own you can go as simple or crazy as you want! I love that I'm able to add my own style to the days and will (almost) always fit all my tasks and still not see this as a procrastination, rather a tool to help steer you in the right direction and keep you time managed.

At first I had seen sooo maaanyy posts on tumblr, instagram and even youtube videos on bullet journalling that even with my lack of art skills I was enticed to make one! However as amazing as it seemed I wasn't going to kill my savings on it so I bought a squared paper book from Wilkinson for an amazingly cheap price of 25p which is exactly what I needed for a practise book.
More creative people might like dotted pages for more freedom and if you want less effort and more structure lined paper would be good; I chose squared paper because it's in the middle so I  can see how I feel with this.

So far it's been great I have been looking at it daily and seeing what tasks I need to get done, overall it has helped me feel less stressed and more organised cause I know what I have done and what I'm procrastinating from. The layout is pretty simple with dots for tasks, I got some dot stickers for larger or more urgent tasks. Before this I used to use post it notes, on busy days I would go back to this method and just stick them in the book in the evening.

The creative side is kind of failing me though :( I am so glad that I started with a practise because I can test out shapes and sizes, create new designs in the middle of the page and most importantly make mistakes without stressing. Because this is a personal planner I'd like to point out that there is no need to be perfect all the time and if you end up scribbling over a mistake just take a deep breath and focus on doing good now so you can look back and realise the scribble wasn't as big as you thought.

I really enjoy the trackers because I get to really reflect on my life and what I'm doing right and what I'm missing out on, because I just started I don't have a lot but I'm planning on adding more like a habit tracker and more creative pages. I WILL INVEST IN WASHI TAPE right now I'm using colourful labels and they're amazing because I can right on them and it's really handy for things later in the week because I can just stick it at the bottom of the page and then move it when the date arrives!

I really enjoy looking at #studyblogs for #studyinspo and #motivation and if you want, why not follow my #studyblr on Tumblr for my #studylife and how it's going or if you want more creative posts check out my Pinterest where I actually got a lot of help on designing my journal! Do you have a studyblr? Comment below your links and I'll be sure to check them out!