Saturday, 16 April 2016

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Urban Chocolatier (East Shopping Centre)

It's a lovely afternoon to reminisce over good food…

Recently I went to Urban Chocolatier for a lovely indulge in sweet treats of chocolate-y goodness, well I say that but really even though I have a sweet tooth I'm not a big fan of chocolate but my friends were so it's all good.

I went for a basic fatal maple waffle with strawberries which is basically a waffle with maple syrup and some freshly chopped strawberries, it also came with a cup of ice cream which helped turn this into a wonderfully fluffy and sweet treat! My first thoughts was just “Yes.” This was exactly what I was looking for so it totally just hit the spot. The waffle is made fresh so it's pretty plain but with the maple syrup and strawberries it became a burst of sugary goodness and the ice cream just makes it heavenly.

I also tried the classic cookiedough mugshot which is a freshly baked, thin, chocolate chip cookie with a cup of ice cream (in the middle) then covered in chocolate sauce. Honestly if you've never been before, get this. It sums up Urban Chocolatier as a whole, honestly this dessert is so good. It definitely hits the chocolate cravings and trust me, they bake it fresh (and really quick) so you always get a lovely hot gooey cookie with a cool cup of ice cream. This is my favourite picture from the three desserts just because it was the first to come so I was able to zoom in close and capture the beauty of this wondrous dessert. The chocolate sauce was so pretty and you can see that the sauce on the ice cream ended up freezing as it drips which was so cool to see.

Lastly, we got Cookie Monster waffle which is super chocolate-y. It's a waffle with crushed Oreos and chocolate sauce with a side of ice cream, honestly if you love chocolate but a cake is too much or too plain, go for this. It's got that crunch from the biscuit which compliments the soft waffle and with the ice cream 😊 Heaven honestly. Even though I'm not a fan of chocolate desserts I think if I ever get a die hard craving this would be what I would go for.

I've got to say out of all of it I love the ice cream the most 😋 So if you're ever in the area why not pop in and try it out, I'm sure this will be just as wonderful for you as it was for me!

Got any places you think I might enjoy? I love food. Why not let me know in the comments below!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Beauty Blogger Tag

I was kind of just doing a random search on Instagram when I came across labelladerma, she is such a sweet girl who is good at finding amazing products at low prices which is so amazing thus causing me to  just fall in love with her blog straight away.

This tag seemed pretty cool and just suited how I wanted to get to know more people so I decided to do it!

What is your skincare product essential?

Toner. My favourite is by Clearsill and it may be packed with chemicals but it works well with my skin. There's something about toners that make my skin feel extra clean without having to spend too much effort like scrubs as well as having a bigger impact than cleansers. Without toner my skin would probably break out way way more so I'm thankful for it.

On average, how much do you spend on makeup/skincare products per month?

Well this could range from £10-£50 depending on what I need cause it could just be a new face mask or mascara to needing the whole shabam. I'm going to go with £15 per month on average just because it's usually just a top up on bath products and basic makeup like the a new mascara or BB cream.

How long do you take to apply your makeup?

Currently, I'm not wearing any makeup except mascara which took a minute (two if you include curling them lashes) but with everyday makeup I'm not too fussed so 5-10mins to blend in my face and then eye and lips are quick I guess so it's all cool. This may seem pretty short but a good 10mins means I won't have to do do any touch ups and can last the day.

How often do you cleanse your makeup brushes?

Ahahaha well the last time I cleaned them was last night but the last time before that well... I can't remember 🙈

(I can't even give an often, this is not good)

Okay, how about from now on I will try to clean my brushes once a week.
The keyword is try guys!

What's your ultimate favourite brow product?

Thread. I’m your typical hairy brown girl so my eyebrows are already pretty dark but boy do they grow fast. I don't do my own eyebrows so I have to get them done pretty often (which i do not) it if there's anything that makes the most difference it's the threading and a good brow gel that can are the most difference. For me I just use a clear mascara because if my eyebrows go any darker it'll look like a used a fat marker and drew them on.

Favourite drugstore brand?

Maybelline. I pretty much own so much I could be the next face of Maybelline! I love the shades of foundation because it compliments my skin tone the most, they have BB creams with SPF so I don't feel bad for wearing it all the time and the products always do more or less what they say on the bottle. I also love their mascaras and am always anticipating their newest product.

What inspired you to blog?

Well, I was doing GCSE ICT and it was pretty boring because I never paid attention and just found the teacher really bad (if you ever read this… You… Are a really bad teacher and honestly just need to go on more teacher training) but while I was there my friend Safiya introduced me to beauty bloggers and then from that I was zapped into a lovely world of secrets and fun with other people who love the same things as you!
I love that there's always new things and so people review them and share their opinions which help in deciding if you should buy it or not, there's also that buzz from having your opinions heard by others and seeing that other people can learn from your secrets.

What's your best makeup tip?

 Just because something might not suit you, doesn't mean you shouldn't try it out!
I've heard it time and time again but something that stops a lot of people from trying out new things is that they don't think it would suit them when really if you dig down deep you never really know how it looks until you try. And hey if it makes you feel amazing then it doesn't matter what others say, at the end of the day it's all just expensive face paint and you should get to decided how it looks, the best makeup anyone can wear is a smile Kay so do what makes you smile.

Top three makeup products?

Maybelline mascara (this varies)
Maybelline matte foundation
Primark lip liners

Has blogging influenced your job or career?

Currently I go college and I'm studying Psychology, Photography, Biology and Chemistry. I chose these options out of love for psychology and wanting to go into Psychology (my favourite subject) and then I guess you could say that I chose photography to help with blogging but it's also to do with my love of capturing beauty and letting people see what I see so blogging hasn't really changed much although I have realised the importance of a good timetable and being able to stick to it.

The  rules for this tag are pretty simple…

Tag the blogger that nominated you (mention them in your blog post)
Answer the questions you are given
Nominate 10 other bloggers of your choice
Choose 10 questions for your nominee to answer
Inform your chosen bloggers that you chose them

My questions…

1. What one makeup product could you never ever give up?
2. What's your staple outfit for the summer?
3. What's the last book you read?
4. When was the last time you laughed so hard you thought you would get abs?
5. What’s your favourite scent to smell, not necessarily smell of?
6. Where would you hide a treasure chest? (Random question 😜)
7. What was the last beauty/skincare item you bought?
8. If you could have any drugstore brand sponsor you, which would you choose?
9. If you could order anything and have it within the next five minutes, what would you order and why?
10. What are three things you are grateful for?

My nominees…
This is optional by the way, I'm just curious and wanted to say hey cause sometimes I stalk you!

Essenceofsafiya,  tattooedtealady, thishijabi, thegrownupedit, lovemissalyssa, robowecop, heyvinaya, theladiescorner, theblackpearl, thelushhannah and anyone else reading this who needs an idea for a post or just wants to!

Friday, 8 April 2016


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Travel Skincare Essentials

I went to my cousins house outside of London so it was basically like a mini retreat, they live next to a high street so it was just the right amount of countryside without making me feel like I'm going to break out in hives. There was little to no warning that we were staying so I just packed the basics for my skincare so I could take off the makeup which was my main priority (I even forgot to pack my PJs till my lil came in reminding me) but hey could you blame me?

First thing first wipes. These are just some Superdrugs wipes for combination skin but they're good at taking off the main parts and leaving you feel refreshed, I count it as a temporary toner so I wouldn't have to pack lots.

I brought my mini facial wash by Clinique as even though it's not my favourite, the bottle is small so it was pretty convenient and as I had the wipes if it didn't work so well I could just use another wipe!

For moisturiser I brought my Body Shop vitamin C cream with SPF 30 in case it was sunny and to be honest I wasn't bothered to a travel bottle with lotion so this was good.

I got my lip balm by balance me as I cannot leave without having something on my lips and this is a nice treatment that lets me have a bit of colour without being too much.

I also brought some mascara (Maybelline Rocket waterproof) just because I love it so and it just makes my eyes pop without looking too heavy. There's something about this mascara that adds to your eyes, making it look awake without really making a big impact especially as my lashes are normally full so this just adds length without clumping it.