Saturday, 27 August 2016

Morning skincare routine

I've recently just popped out to buy some new skincare products as I wanted to refresh the routine so I've decided to go through my daily skincare products!

It starts off with a wash and my new one is simple kind to skin refreshing facial wash gel which in my opinion is so much better than the facial wash just because the gel lathers so much more easily. I definitely recommend this product especially for sensitive skin as it's really gentle and leaves you feeling clean and nourished. 

After the cleanser is exfoliating time and this is one of my favorite steps! My holy grail would have to be St Ives blemish control apricot scrub for real is just the best thing ever like it's so amazing whenever I go to buy it they're sold out :/ So for now I'm using a different company but it just really doesn't match up and am waiting patiently for my local Superdrugs to stock up.

Next is toner and this is such a crucial step for me as if I skip it I'll just break out which is really truly never a happy moment. I purchased Lush tea tree water because I had read a lot of reviews and a major benefit is that you just spritz it on your face and voila which saves a lot of time in the morning so during college time I hopefully won't be so late all the time :p

After the toner is dry I'll add a little splodge of tea tree pore minimizer by the body shop to help close my pores so i look less oily and help create a smooth face :) this is a product I have bought a few times and will continue to do so because it does exactly what it says which is just really helpful!

For cream I'd either use simple night cream or vitamin c lotion if I use a cream at all just because sometimes the bb cream will be moisturising enough and especially in this hot weather face products with SPF is amazing (I'd Recommend maybelline because SPF 30 in their bb creams) so this step is kind of optional for me in the mornings.

Next up is lips! I think I need to mention that I'm a messy eater, food is like an experience and I seriously just dig in so my lip products need to be reapplied many times a day, especially because if I feel like I'm not wearing anything I tend to bite my lips and end up rubbing off anything that may have been left. So I am just so grateful for lip tints! My favourite recently has been these peel off lip masks because once the mask is done you're left with a beautiful colour and it honestly is the perfect base cause you feel like you're not wearing anything. These last for a couple of days so it's great for messy people like me!
After that I do like to wear balance me lip balm for more moisture and because I like glossy lips, this one in particular is really natural and because it was a special edition for Glamour readers it came in a lovely berry colour!

Before I say I'm ready to go I need to curl my lashes, even if I'm not wearing any mascara just because I love how open it makes my eyes look and how much longer they look, seriously I just really like them after curling! I just use these normal eyelash curlers from Primark because they were a pound and they do the job well!

Lastly can't forget about deodorant because gotta make sure that I'm smelling nice so I just got this basic Sure roll on in a nice flower smell which I really love and I know will do a good job, Sure is definitely a company I can trust to last all day which is definitely important cause you can't be applying deodorant all day every day. 

And that's the look! Well this is what I do every day whether or not I'm going to wear makeup because it's all helped keep my skin soft and at bay with acne, I'd like to mention that I am in no way skincare expert but this is just what I do and what works for me!