Thursday, 25 August 2016

21-25 Photo Challenge

21. black and white

You know when any kind of celebration comes up (this was Eid) and then the struggle is real to take a selfie, like you've perfected the just woke up #flawless look but suddenly when a special occasion pops up you've forgotten how to take a picture. I ended up putting up a different one which was way more cringe worthy on my Instagram #regrets yet this one shall live here in black and white as a memory of what could have been a less awkward post.

22. closeup

No, I'm not getting married any time soon. I just felt like rocking a full sleeve of mehndi (henna) and my brother did have to take the picture for me but like I had to instruct him (which is absolutely difficult) so it's not all doom and gloom. It was a hot day and wearing a full sleeve vest underneath would have probably baked me inside out so I really like how the mehndi shows through the blue net.

23. high angle

 High? How high? High enough for me to take a shoefie, minus the shoes of course. It was a really long day so by evening the heels and all were off and I just got to enjoy some quality time with the family which is always a blessing <3

24. flash

MY BESTFRIEND IS WONDERFUL! I think you will agree purely on the one point that she can put up with me and my craziness but hey she joins in too which just makes her the best and I don't know how she's gonna feel about me uploading this but NIFFYA ILY AND TYSM KAY and like instead of killing me, wanna bake some cookies?

25. smile

Oh gosh. HI BIG BROS. As you can see like me taking this picture will always be at low angle because they are just trees and I'm just glad to have this beautiful picture of them smiling because seriously can you tell how new it is to them! PLZ don't beat me up for putting this up just share lots of love cause i love you too (sometimes most of the times) <3