Saturday, 7 January 2017

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation Review

It's been too long since I wore foundation. In Summer I had just gotten darker and was always sweaty so never really cared too much about it but then in Winter it was just too hard to find a good foundation that matched my skin tone because most of them were either too light and made me look grey or darker than I actually was so made me feel upset with my skin. I just gave up and wore a moisturiser and the rest of the products. I'm so happy I had little fancy places to go because mixing up foundations is not a fun job.

Rant over I'd like to share what helped the most and what I think is the best for people going through the same situation and why. If you couldn't already guess by the title it's No7 Stay Perfect foundation from Boots. I decided to give the colour tester a try, it was there and putting my faith in a machine didn't seem so bad. I got Deeply honey and to my surprise, it blended into my skin so well. True tears of joy would have erupted but instead, I shared the excitement by looking through the little booklet that came with it and ecstatically shopping. Honestly, they must have thought I was mad but hey I was buying things so it's all good.

The foundation itself blends in really well and feels so lightweight so it is the best fit for every day. My skin has quite a bit of scar and marks but this really helps create a natural even tone that doesn't cake up on the skin. I like to apply it straight onto my face and then buff it out and then pat it in with a sponge for extra assurance but that's just because I'm a bit extra, using just your fingers is good too.

I ended up also buying a lipstick in the shade sweet chestnut as it's a good coral shade for my skin tone so it's pinky enough without being too bright. This is from the moisture drench range so it's got a sheen to it which I like because I did get a lot of matte lipsticks and this is a nice change.

I also got a blush in the shade plum velvet because I wanted a new shade of blush and this apparently was a good peach shade. I have to say these are super pigmented so don't be scared of the small size, it packs a lot of punch.

Day 7 of 365

Friday, 6 January 2017

Photography is, first of all, a way of seeing

I was reading 'On Photography' by Susan Sontag and I was just extremely marvelled at the wonder of it all. I have not heard of Sontag before but I am so glad I have now. The first chapter alone is amazing. The first few pages talk about the brilliance of photography and how it has been used to compose "mighty, unforgettable photographs to show something out there" with the different techniques and photographers who apply them as reference. I love how she includes a variety of genres and contrasts between the similarities and difference. Going through the history of photography and the rise from a photographer's perspective. It really leaves you feeling educated and inspired.

"There is an aggression implicit in every use of the camera"
Day 6 of 365

The language is beautiful and honestly transformed the experience from homework to insight. I learnt things that now seem so obvious yet captivating to understand, if you're someone who enjoys sociology and photography this is a great book for you. I'd also like to recommend it for anyone who like to take pictures for social media because that's really a merge of the two subjects in action and would seriously help level up your game when  taking photos either from artist research or knowing what was popular in photography and to now find out what will be. The analogies are hilarious and kept me reading, which is hard to find in a book so don't worry it does not feel like a chore at all.

"The omnipresence of camera persuasively suggests that time consists of interesting events, events worth photographing"

I like how lots of people emphasise that photography shows a story and meanings on taboo topics but then Sontag opens your eyes to some real truths; which makes you think deeper when taking a picture. There's some great anologies from other photographers and movies too. I now feel more dominant when taking pictures and responsible for the control of immortalising the slice of a memory. It's made me fall in love with photography again.

"To take a picture is to have an interest in things as they are"

Sontag, S. (1977). In Plato's Cave. In: On Photography. London: Puffin Books. 1-16.
I'm on a roll with these super long posts aren't I? But I love Sontag and her work has inspired me so much and I think it's such a great book and in today's society practically everyone would find helpful and enjoy!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Body Shop SALE

Body shop Here's a little splurge from The Body Shop because of the January sales. I got a tonne of great deals on amazing scents new and old so let's go through them!!

First up my favourite... spiced apple! Honestly, I just love everything about it so I bought the shower gel and body butter. The smell has a lot of cinnamon whilst keeping hints of that sweet fruity apple which makes it my all time favourite winter smell. The body butter is amazingly thick and creamy that it holds in the fresh scent all day while making your skin all soft and feeling cosy. Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better start to the day.

And then we have the frosted berries shower gel which I find myself regularly reaching for. It's a much lighter smell with hints of berry and lots of sweetness. Also for anyone who enjoyed Lush Snow Fairy but thought that was too strong then this is a lighter version and it smells like jelly!! Although I was hesitant this is actually a really nice smell for every day.

I just need to bring up this fabulous smell I got on sale. This beauty was £1 and I am so glad I got it. The lotion is in Indian Jasmine and is the freshest evening scent ever. Even as a small bottle it packs a lot of power and honestly lasts the whole day and night. I found myself smelling gorgeous throughout the day and feeling wonderful. It's such a luxurious scent that I recommended it especially if you're going out in the evening and IF YOU SEE THIS ON SALE GET IT AND THEN YOU'LL SEE WHAT I MEAN!!

Phew now that's done I randomly want to pick up with this Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer it was half price on sale so I figured I love the range I'll love this. I was right. Ladies and gentleman let me share with you the secret to glowing skin, yes I am for real. This baby can help marks fade, brighten your skin whilst feeling moisturised and without leaving you oily. Trust me (but then again dependent on the skin type) I have oily skin and the vitamin c moisturiser is so helpful but with so much SPF leaves me feeling like I'm slathered in oil. This goes on top of your moisturiser (some people use it as a primer) and it helps reduce oil so, so much. I'm not gonna lie my forehead is still greasy by evening but at least I don't look like a fried potato the whole day so I'm good.

I feel like strawberry is such a classic, the strawberry body butter was one of the first things I ever bought from The Body Shop and for good reason. The shower gel is one of the best and even though the packaging keeps changing it just gets better and better. It has such a sweet scent but The Body Shop are able to keep it sophisticated and brilliant for work days.

Even if there isn't a sale on the normal items there are great offers so I got these two shower gels together for £6 which also let me try a new scent and I am so proud of my choice. The moringa shower gel is a fresh flower smell that keeps you feeling clean and ready for the day. I am slowly falling in love with this so we'll see how it does!

This is a long haul but I was so excited with all these that I really really wanted to share them with you!! I bought all of these and gave my own honest opinion, not sponsored. There are new and old things so let me know if you've tried any of these and what's your favourite scent from The Body Shop?

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Fake it

Day 3 of 365

"If you feel like you shouldn't be somewhere: Fake it. Do it not until you make it - but until you become it" - Amy Cuddy

Monday, 2 January 2017

Planning January

Day 2 of 365

As part of the restart and revamped new year I am starting afresh with my bullet journal. The older pages have been securely taped up and I'm just starting with the simple things and no fuss, there will be no index or key just whatever I feel I need for a month. Instead of starting with a word of the year I wrote my goals so I can easily go back and remind myself of them and little tips to help keep put with them. The page next to it is my college timetable that's just coloured blocks because I am a very colour coding person so I can easily see what I have in the day. Being a student my life pretty much revolves around education.

This is a very bare looking calendar for January but trust me it will get full once the holidays are over and it all kicks in. I like to write big tasks here and little marks for homework so I can prep for tests and still keep track of things. I find that stickers are really useful because you can easily understand the symbol without taking up too much space, for instance, the flower represents meeting up with a friend for breakfast! 

Finally, this is the plan for the day and I'm hoping to get it all done with time to spare so I can catch up on shows but we'll see. I chose very blue colours, I'm trying colour therapy and hoping it helps me feel calm as I panic that I have college in less than 24hrs with no work done... Wish me luck xx 

Sunday, 1 January 2017


Day 1 of 365

It's no lie I am bad at time keeping, I'm late for everything and procrastination is like my bestfriend. But thankfully 2016 was good to me and I'm going to reciprocate that by giving it my all in 2017.

My goals for the blog is to be more consistent to really try hard. I do love reading blogs and making reading other people's life stories and reviews so and to make my own does make me happy. My uncle gave me some good advice that I'd like to share. 
Spend two hours a day purely on work and then after that, you deserved the good things.
So this year I'm going to spend two hours on my blog in some way, whether it's just posting once a day or even joining in on Twitter discussions there will be a good time spent on my blog.

I'd also like to not only read more but actually finish the books I start. That means either bringing a book or consistently reading, either is fine as long as I finish it. I did find a list in the English department at college but I think I'll start with what I have to finish at home.

Well, one down, three hundred and sixty-four left! How about you, any goals for 2017?