Saturday, 26 November 2016

Surprise Shopping #4

DUN DUN DUN I did it again. I swear this sale gets to me and I'm only saving 33% but acc this time I saved 60% for being a loyal customer so woop

Let's go through the first item that started it all, I needed some setting spray and the MUA setting spray was just not living up the broke gal pride so I decided to bump up my budget to £4.99 on Barry M matte fixing spray. I am happy with my choice and even though it is much smaller than expected it really does the job well. I found that my makeup stayed on really well, I mean I wasn't matte but after a long day at least I wasn't a greaseball per usual.

I then picked up this mascara because I am in desperate need for a new one and this was recommended to me by a friend. When I was there I saw a few of the same product so it was elimination time. I knew I did not want waterproof because that stuff is hard to take off and I needed one for everyday, also for that reason I got blackest black. I kind of want to say I got the big blackest black because I have big eyes and really love mascara with volume but I was unaware of this before purchase and just wanted the BIG because it was a brighter pink colour. I heard a mix of reviews and considering I was buying 3 for 2 I didn't mind experimenting. I like it a lot tbh the formula is good to play with, not at all dry or clumpy, it makes my lashes look extra long without looking like spider legs so it's good for basic looks.

My final choice is... a blush by Sleek! I feel like I'm moving towards Sleek slowly and honestly no regrets, even though I'm not a fan of their lipsticks they have been impressing me in every other aspect. Usually I'm a bit weary of buying Sleek because of the price but the blush was £4.99 so it was alright (price made cheap me happy) :D I chose Flushed because it was a dark matte colour which is great for the cold season and something I do not own. I LOVE IT! Ah I love it as light blush for everyday and a bold blush for events and how it's so deep but classic and doesn't look childish or anything I love it. I am so happy with this :D xxx