Friday, 25 November 2016

Black Forest Hot Chocolate from Costa

That is literally my reaction to this drink.

I don't really like hot chocolate but this one got to me. It was soft and creamy without being too thick or too thin, especially because I don't like chocolate things so much so this was a pleasant surprise! The drink comes with an edible cherry that you can have in or out of the cup which adds a special sweetness to it. The drink was perfect in London weather and I highly reccomend it to anyone who isn't a fan of caffiene. If you are worried about the calories dw I get you, ordering it with soy milk and no cream still tastes good especially if you leave the cherry in to add a sugary kick to it. It very much reminded me that I am a fan of cherries over strawberries idk well at least in drink that's for sure =P

This cup is super cute and I swear if this was a sweater I would totally buy it!! This is medium cup which is smaller compared to the large but good if you just want an avergae sized drink for a short while, perfect size for hot chocolate that's for sure!