Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Three Day Juice Detox

I took a juice detox to help cleanse my system and feed my body with vitamins and nutrients that I felt it was lacking in. Before anyone kicks off this is not something I plan on doing regularly or anything but
I just wanted to try it out (kind of especially after Kylie Jenner tried) but was not going to spend £100 on a professional one, instead I found out the main ingredients in them and decided to make my own!

Monday, 16 May 2016


If you want to change your life around, try thankfulness, it will change your life mightily 
- Gerald Good
I am grateful for all the loving people I am surrounded by, I know this one seems a bit cliché but it is honestly so true and I will always be grateful for it. I am so lucky to have both my parents still together in a happy relationship and that I have 4 wonderfully weird siblings who are all fantastic in their own amazing way! I am so glad that I have a large family because whenever we visit each other it is always a big reunion and there’s something new to share with each other and even just a smile from a family member that I haven’t seen in a long time makes me super happy. Even though there are times when they drive me insane and I would spend time thinking of an alternative life, they helped make me who I am right now and they make me feel loved and safe so yeah I wouldn't change them for anyone. I am thankful for being around this warm and whole love as it has showed me what being in a family is about and filling in a massive part of my heart that only your loved ones can do.
I would also like to add friends into this part as there are many people in my life whom I care deeply for as they help me in my everyday struggles of pretending to be sane and I wouldn't be able to keep on track with life if it wasn't for them. New or old, long or short being friends is a way of saying that you have touched my heart and I want you to stay in it! 

I am grateful for being so young and having so much being offered at this time, I'm 17yrs old so by the law I'm still a child but that doesn't stop me from having so much to do like I'm currently in college studying my dream options and going through a whole process of realising what I want to do with my life. I'm at a critical moment where everything is make or break but I never have felt more free. I love that I have a more grown up oyster but I still don't have to pay full price so the world (maybe just London for now) is my oyster, there's so much to do and see so it's wonderful how easily accessible it is. I am so thankful for people who are aware of the benefits and struggles of this age and can totally understand without patronising. To return this generosity I want to take my siblings out more and let them experience this wonderful world too, I'll probably start with trips to parks but then build to museums and events as they should realise how amazing our planet is as soon as possible. I think I'm also going to blog about locations more so that people can see these wonderful places and be inspired to go and wander their own city too!

I am grateful for my health, even though I'm not the most active person on the world and my allergy list is a bit too long for my liking there are so many things right with my body and I am so happy that I do not need to worry about certain issues that others might have to. I have an amazing immune system that tackles all the daily germs that could be attacking me (I know this from the amount I sneeze, ESPECIALLY in Spring) as well as a wonderful skin that is so young and I have treated so poorly but still keeps protecting me. I promise to no longer hurt my skin through scratching a rash to popping a pimple (don't lie you've done it before) I promise to treat my skin better for keeping me intact and defending me from any harm even if it's from myself.

Lastly I am grateful for TV shows and that's probably so terrible and some might say my true colours are showing and I'm actually an anti-social potato who lives in her lounge binge watching shows on Netflix, well to them I say yeah, yeah I do!! But I have no hate and no regrets, TV shows have a way of connecting with you on a deep level, the time and effort that goes into them is so worth it. They don't necessary have to relate and be school based or anything, on of my favourites right now is Once Upon A Time and it's just because it is so magical and can whisk you away when you feel stuck. Don't get me wrong books are good too and I love reading just as much so either way a distraction into another world is a true wonder that the art of language and literature have captured! To return this thankfulness I am going to spend more time reading and watching TV which might seem like whaat but honestly it's not that crazy, this is something I enjoy and everyone should be able to spend a little time something that makes them feel better. It helps me through this whirlpool of life and it just minimises unimportance and other clutter so yeah maybe not binge watching but definitely never going to block it out.

Thank you for reading, I am grateful for your time!