Monday, 3 October 2016


Idkk I don't usually feel like having goals but something's changed in me. Maybe it's the amount of junk food I've been repeatedly eating or maybe getting just acceptable grades isn't enough anymore. I want to do great. I want to feel great and to do that I need to make a change from merely acceptable.

Let's start off with work out... Right now there is absolutely zilch of that but the change happens now okaaayy, I'm going to sign up to a gym and create a committed workout, right now it's going to be different ones from Instagram or Pinterest but that's fine as it'll help create a routine that best suits me. I'm actually so lazy so I'll probably only go once a week but by the end I'd like that to increase it to twice a week, that way I'll beat the January blues when it gets here and will already be comfortable and persistent then.

Next up... Study more. Well me and school is not that great of a relationship tbh like I go I do stuff but it's not thrilling, sure learning stuff woo but no. Sometimes it's just exhausting and boring and mundane and in those instances I kind of switch off; which is actually really bad cause I tend to just wander off and question what am I doing with my life or boop there I go thinking how the walls could be decorated better. AHH okay (so annoyed at self) so to improve I'm going to try paying more attention in class I'm not even going to write a plan for that cause I know it's going to fail so instead I'm going to... Learn before the lesson and then if I'm stuck on anything ask during class. That's actually really annoying cause it's like twice as much work and I'll probably have less sleep time which is the downcast of it all but that's okay at least for this month I'll try it out.

Is anyone else going through the same struggles? How are you tackling your ish let me know!