Sunday, 20 November 2016


"I am doing so much and so little at the same time."
"How am I supposed to work to my best when I am like this, it isn't possible ahhh what do I do?"
If this is you and you're all like same then yooo just keep reading because same and here are some tips from me to you that I found really helpful to get me out of a no brain slumpp.

Keep your eyes open
I mean this literally in the sense that even in the mornings when it is a challenge in itself to get out of bed, just do it. Just roll out if you have to and get yourself up and start getting ready for the day, even if it's going to be the worst day of your life and you have the test that you were dreading just be brave and conquer.
I also mean this metaphorically in the instance that everything looks plain and ordinary, remember there is beauty in the ordinary you just have to look.

Eat and drink
Nothing brings energy back like energy so I recommend eating a light meal before working and then keeping healthy snacks with you. Water is the best drink but whatever you prefer is fine, just remember if it's caffeine to keep a limit cause too much might do more bad than good.

Take a break
We all know it gets a lil hard sometimes so just take a break, have a kit kat if that helps but don't let your body go through the torture of continuing when it can continue no more. I'm not saying give up, no not at all; I'm just saying good things take time and you're going to need to be at your best for the tasks ahead so rest.

Write lists
Maybe this one is a personal one but lists help sort out my thoughts and just makes my brain feel a little lighter. Whether it's on the plan for the day or lists on things that make you happy or just on anything that pops into your, writing it down makes it all that more alive and gives your random thoughts purpose.

Sorry if I've been gone for a while, I've just been really fuzzy and blogging was the least of my worries. I realised it helps keep me sane and inspires me to write (can you tell from this post?) so I'm assuming that won't be the last time I feel confuzzled but at least next time I will power through it xx Does anyone get me?