Saturday, 22 October 2016

Fall Study Challenge 11-17

11.10.16 // Things I'm stressed about
For real sometimes I think I'm not stressing enough and then I start stressing over that. Recently though I'm kind of stressing over all the assessments as it is nearly the end of the first term this year and all my tests just want to happen at the same time.

12.10.16 // Planning
With the end of term comes the HOLIDAYS and yeah even though sometimes it gets really busy the holidays help calm down and relax so it's all worth it.

13.10.16 // 5 things I like about myself

  1. I can do stuff - Lots of times I'm just really lazy so when people tell me I can't do something sometimes it gets to me however in those moments I like to prove them wrong and it is really a good feeling to be able to just say yes, I can.
  2. I'm different - I get that everyone is different and it's just about finding your tribe well currently I feel like I can relate to people and I have met some people who please my soul but I have realised and accepted that I am different and that is an advantage. I think differently, I feel differently and my actions are different; obviously it's not in everything and there are similarities but the differences make it me and not just anyone so good or bad differences it's me.
  3. I have a never perfect attitude towards myself, they say you are your own worst critic and I totally agree with that. That might seem pretty dismal but it makes me strive to better, to do better so I'm always trying to do good and do better.
  4. I know I just said I don't think I'm perfect but I am pretty happy with my body, physically it doesn't look any special and anatomically I am like lactose intolerant and allergic to egg based foods but still, I have a pretty good metabolism that deals with all the junk I eat and I may seem weak but I swear fight or flight I can survive. Idk I probably seem overly dramatic but I swear it's true.
  5. Okay this is just me no one else needs to agree, I like my style. It's random, quirky and probably no matter how hard I try I stick to childish and will forever be labelled as cute but at least it's me. I like my style, it's not formal but it's not slouchy, not even on my slouchy days I can just work it perfectly and that makes it awesome to me.

14.10.16 // Notes
My notes are really ugly but I tried for this, these aren't my final notes just ones for class and when revising I would probably write them out again in a more concise manner but for now these will do.

15.10.16 // Currently studying
Lol. I am currently studying Communication & Culture at this very moment because I am working on an essay I need to hand in for Thursday; if you want to know all the topics I'm studying look at this post (here) :)

16.10.16 // Insecurities
I don't think I am insecure, I am what I am and other people can think what they want and it doesn't really affect me but I think it does get to a point and everything is just questionable. Right now I am insecure on my study and if it is paying off because I won't know till the test and well until then I am sitting on a fence named unsure and I am feeling like Humpty Dumpty.

17.10.16 // Notebook
It is such a basic book that I actually bought from the college, it was 80p for 80pgs and I just like that it is wide lined so I can fit my writing in between the lines without it looking uncomfortable. It is a bit thick especially considering I add loads of extra sheets inside but it is does an amazing job so I'm happy. I also use some basic A5 books in lined and squared from Wilkinson for little notes and things!