Sunday, 23 October 2016

St Ives Apricot Scrub

I've probably said this so many times but I swear this is the end all for my love on this scrub, I'd just like to talk about it one more time so I can get it out of my system =)

There is a scrub for normal skin type but as I have oily skin I buy the scrub specifically for that. I need to exfoliate so that the oil doesn't sit on my skin for too long and create spots so I love the seeds in this that help clear and prevent any spots occurring.
I have friends who have dry skin and they love this too because it also has a creamy texture so it isn't at all drying. I wouldn't consider myself to have sensitive skin but I'd like to mention that it is a scrub with seeds so it can be harsh on the skin but from what I've used it hasn't caused any lasting redness or reactions.

I love the smell!! Apricot products are actually so underrated in the beauty world, which is upsetting as they have so many benefits, for instance the scrub is abrasive yet moisturising so can help reduce wrinkles whilst keeping the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. The scrub is also amazing because it helps create an even skin tone, this is for anyone who has scars or marks the apricot scrub helps remove dead skin cells, over time and regular use the new skin layer is gently on top, leaving you with a more flawless looking face.

Lastly I'm going to mention the price, it's usually retailed for £5 and this might seem like a crazy amount to pay but trust me this actually goes such a long way, especially if you cut it open like I did because you'll see that there is lots left and it's all good to use! However if that seems a little crazy for you to pay, next time you're in Superdrugs look out for it in the skincare section and it might just be on offer for better than half price (the cheapest I've seen was £1.65) so if you ever want to try out a new scrub I'd definitely recommend this one especially on offer and if you're like me and love it then be sure to stock up when it is!!

Can you tell I'm obsessed with this, what is your favourite skincare product?