Wednesday, 5 October 2016

My day as a college student

1:02AM // I have just finished my work and was heading off to bed when I realised today's post is this and this is probably part of so many student's routine. Seriously I love sleep, why you do this to me?! (technically I did this to myself by procrastinating and starting work late but minor details)

6:32AM // This is when I actually wake up to get ready, idk if one hour is a long or short time but it's enough for me to do my morning routine peacefully; any earlier and I'll clash with my brother and any later I'll clash with my younger siblings. If you'd like to know my full beauty morning routine then check out My Morning Routine (link here)

7:30AM // Fortunately this isn't everyday but I leave pretty early to get to  college early and have some time to just chill with friends before lessons.

12:50PM // LUNCH! This is not everyday, this probably wouldn't even be considered most days (this year) but just on these days I took a picture of lunch and how much it could vary. I also really edited the junk food because at the end of the day a box of chicken and chips is not that pretty and needs a lil lot of help.

1:51PM // In college it's more flexible what you do in your free time and I'm grateful that study rooms are optional so I usually only go to the library when I know it's going to be semi-empty so that I can go to my favourite spot to just chill and do work. I don't think this is often but it is regular cause as important as revision is sometimes I'd stay in the canteen to talk to friends and take a break from lessons.

3:05PM // LAST LESSON! After this I'd be done in college so I could just zoom home :) Sometimes I'd stay a little longer in college to chill with friends or study in the library.

5:31PM // You think I'm done? Noo I just get a breather to relax and refuel and catch up on life then back to work! These are what I'm currently using in the bath, it's probably of no interest but Herbal Essence is sometimes so good and at the very least smells amazing and I like it very much ^_^

6:29PM // And the procrastination kicks in as I prioritise blogging and social media over work *monkey no see*

7:43PM // As the Sun goes down my brain kinda kicks in and I start thinking and preparing for the next day, whether that's planning, homework or just getting my bag ready! It's my last year of college so I try to make sure I do a bit of every subject every day, it all adds up kay

11:41PM // I get tired. Unless I'm seriously behind on work I would usually nod off at this time so just getting ready for bed and going to sleep ^.^ Finally x

That's my day! How'd you find it, is yours similar different? Let me know in the comments