Monday, 24 October 2016

Fall Study Challenge 18-24

18.10.16 // 5 reasons to be happy 
  1. I got most of the work I needed to do, done!
  2. I took a really good shower, like my hair is clean my body is soft and I could be a model really, I smell so nice ^_^
  3. Tomorrow is an early day so I get to sleep early (I like sleeping) #NAPtime
  4. My makeup was so glam 
  5. Just listening to the Sia's album 'This is Acting' is awesome
19.10.16 // Favourite subject

I love psychology. That is my favourite. I'm really happy with all my choices this year but my forever love is psychology <3 We're currently learning about schizophrenia and I just really love learning about people and every lesson I keep thinking this is something I want to do forever and how I could help people with the information so it really makes me determined to study and do good.

20.10.16 // Outline

I don't really get this one but umm outline itself could mean to give a summary of so here is a summary of schizophrenia worth like three marks...
Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder that affects the thought process by creating a lack of contact with reality, there are positive symptoms that add on to 'normal' thought patterns e.g. delusions, hallucinations and thought disorders and negative symptoms that reduce 'normal' activity e.g apathy, flat emotions, alogia etc.

21.10.16 // 5 facts about myself
  1. I am an introvert
  2. I like food. A lot. I can eat a lot. Like a lot a lot like not just saying it. Try me, especially if someone else is paying (jk I pay for ma-self)
  3. Today I went Brighton for the first timeee! It was fun, went for photography and I really enjoyed the day
  4. I'm really bad at charging my phone. I would take a battery bar but I don't charge that either
  5. My room is always messy, if you ever see my room and it's not messy please do not go through any of the draws; don't embarrass me like that no just leave the mess inside
22.10.16 // Why I like studying

To be honest I don't study as much as I'd like too but when I do it makes me feel prepared and less worried about tests and things. For me and a lot of people there is a positive correlation between amount of studying and test results so that's a big reason to like it.

23.10.16 // Flashcards

I'm not doing flashcards right now so these are some old ones from my last psychology exam for research studies. Can you tell I prefer writing over drawing?

Sorry I've been MIA recently I had quite a busy week but now it is the holidays so stay tuned! I also have a camera soo better quality pictures will be up and that makes me so so happy =D