Monday, 10 October 2016

Fall Study Challenge 4-10

4.10.16 // Today's thoughts
Today was such a good day. I had Subway for lunch and well basically my life revolves around food. Also had such a funny time with my friends kinda just making fun of eachother but it's all good cos that's when you know the friendship is real.
On the way home we were discussing though, there's good days and bad, but bad days aren't necessarily bad; they make you appreciate good moments more. Ygm?

5.10.16 // My study imperfections
Haha I have so many. Easy mistakes bother me but I feel like that's just a part of learning so I won't count that as an imperfection... Naps! I am not an owl, if I'm going to do an all nighter and I think a quick nap is a good idea hahahahaha No. That never works for me but come next evening and I'll be setting a timer again. I just never learn *sigh*

6.10.16 // My study method
It's pretty basic, I'm a note taker if I wanna learn something then writing it out really helps, lil doodles here and there are cute too. I like to try and make my notes neat and every time I write them out they become more concise, thus something of quality and boom lEaRnEd.

7.10.16 // 5 study tips
1. Drink water. I swear if you're ever studying keep a bottle of water with you, you're using your brain (a mon avis the sexiest muscle) and like every other muscle water is used to create energy so keep hydrated!

2. Before you start have a plan of action so whilst you work you have an end goal. Trust me even if it's just a list, the feeling of crossing it out once your done becomes motivation to continue.

3. Find out what works best for you and stick to it no matter what other people are doing, I'm basic so not taking works best for me but that might not be for you, seriously spend some time experimenting with different techniques and use the one that suits you most no matter what anyone else is doing kay

4. Switch off all distractions. You know why I said swich off, because when you're at home and you say your friends are a distraction well the main way they can reach you is because of that piece of technology so for right now just switch it off. Some people like background noise so leaving the TV or radio on is finee but you know you, so just do what's truly best for you.

5. Take a break, chill realise that this is probably really important right now but you are a human being and not a machine, it is not possible to work round the clock all day so know when you need to just take a step back and breathe xx You are your no. 1 priority not work.

8.10.16 // Favourite stationery
These pens. So colourful. Such wow. Tbh so content. fAVOURITE.
Those rubbers. Too cute. Much good. Very useful. Worth it.
Them tapes. Good good. Wow. Nice. Happy.

9.10.16 // Why I study
A cynical thing to say would be because it's the law but really I believe in health and education so much, get those two right and everything else will fall into place. This doesn't mean you need to be constantly getting degrees left, right and centre; just try to learn to be good at everything you put effort into to make it the best for you. I am so lucky to be in a position with education being so easily accessible to me so I study to make the most of it and give me my best chance. #OUAT whatup

10.10.16 // Study struggles
There are so many but hey that's what makes it worth it in the end, right?
I think an issue for me is deadlines. I'm such a procrastinator and what I've realised is when there's no deadline I do good work asap but when there's a deadline I just put it off, like okay maybe I'll look at it once or twice but no I don't work on it properly till last minute. This is such an issue for me, can anyone relate?

Second week done!! This month is pretty hectic but holding on, how's school/work going for you?