Saturday, 11 June 2016

6-10 June Photo Challenge

6. Transportation
WOW LOOK. A BUS. SO AMAZING. WOW. MUCH TALENT IS BEING SHOWN. Okay. This photo is not my best but I like the blue tones and the bright red bus, this is one of the very many public transport vehicles that I like to use and to be honest I don't what else to say but just be grateful because it was really hard to take without looking suspicious. 

7. Purple
I was on my way home and I was thinking so hard, I hadn't seen anything purple that I could take a picture of and soon I would be home and couldn't think of anything there. Just as I was going to get off I realized that the whole bus was empty and the seats are... PURPLE! So I took this image like a graph, basically all the purple in the image represents how many friends I have and not empty seats because I was going home alone.

8. Morning
My morning was spent on past papers for Biology as I had an exam to prepare for and from the lack of answers on the exam papers I think its's safe to say I seriously needed to use every minute. I use VSCO to edit the pictures and brought out the pink/purple tones which made my picture look cute and more pleasing then it really felt.

9. Evening
My evening was spent revising for chemistry (exam season is showing) and I tried to do the same thing with this image and make it look cute and aesthetic nut the harsh books and sadness was just too much and made this image seem much more cold. Guys just pray for me and that I get a good grade because can you see from the amount of orange marking how much I was struggling.

10. Nostalgia
Today I had my last exam and to celebrate I did something I haven't done in a loong time...BAKING! Me and my many friends (two. Jushii + my bully) came over and we just had fun chilling and making these sweet treats. Anannya (le bully) was the one who made the oh so Asian design on this amazing;y healthy vegan vanilla cake and then her and Joshna created the Ras Malli which is like basically Asian milk pudding. It was a fun ending to my exams and it really made me feel nostalgic of the past year and all that fun which is making me really excited for this year!