Wednesday, 15 June 2016

11-15 June Photo Challenge

11. Meal
This may not count as a meal by itself but dessert is very important! I went to a charity and ate dinner there. It was a lovely evening with inspirational talks that really inspired me to give more to those less fortunate and how you could still attain good rewards even after your time. After this very deep topic we all broke our fast together and I have got to say this delicious dessert was by far my favorite dish.

12. Shadow
It was a lovely day in Westfield with Honey and as it was the Queen's 90th birthday weekend so there was so many fun activities I mean we even got a free loaf of bread! If your wondering why my head is shaped weird it's because of the party crown which I totally loved because it brought out my inner Queen. 

13. Closeup
 This was the most awkward thing ever. I have attained so much respect for beauty bloggers because it is honestly one of the hardest things ever to take this picture which was simply just to showcase my new favorite lip liner but it turned into the most awkward invasion of privacy. I felt like my lips were being judged by my camera and even I was questioning whether or not it was the craziest idea to put the lip liner in my mouth. My selling point, lip liner so good you want to eat it. But then again it is Ramadan and that brown shade does look like milk chocolate soo maybe there is a link, or maybe I'm just hungry. #WhenHashtagsTurnIntoWaffles

14. Fave accessory
I don't think I really wear accessories a lot but if I had to choose out of the ones I own these two hold the most value. The gold one my mother bought for me and even though it is just a little bit too small the style and simplicity goes well with lots of outfits and makes me feel very Asian I don't know maybe it's the gold or the idea of stacking bracelets but it makes me feel like my Bengali roots are being shown in my style.

15. Drink
When it's Ramadan but all the food and drink stores come out with brand new ranges of things to try. Honestly. This is my take on the new pink drink by Starbucks and even though I'm not particularly a fan of pink starburst this drink has been tailored to meet my Summer needs and genuinely tastes like cool beach holidays relaxing in Goa... Even though I haven't been to Goa I am 100% sure it does!

I'm going through some technical difficulties so these images were edited with PicMonkey sawwy if it does not meet your highly prestige requirements I promise to do better next time!

Most of these were kind of like faves, got anything you love and want to share? Let me know in the comments below! Also if this post gets enough views I'll do another on how to make this special pink drink from Starbucks.