Monday, 8 August 2016

5 things to do for Summer

It's August, the official Summer month so here's a mini checklist of the five main things to do this Summer so that you can look back at some of these days and see how little adventures helped make a perfect holiday!

1. Go to a flower market [ ]

Been putting this off for so long but right now is an amazing time to go to a market, specifically a flower market! It's nothing major but there's something lovely about bright, vibrant flowers and bouquets that have been tailored to your liking that brings in a special bit of joy into your life. If you're one who likes to stay in your cave and hide in Summer then this is actually perfect just because little shopping trips to places you haven't been is wonderfully relaxing, you get to look at all these new products for as long as you want then leave. Seriously you don't even have to buy anything if you don't want to. Take as many people as you want and be proud at the end for leaving your house.
lol I feel like I've just disclosed my biggest secret and how I beat looking like a secret cave woman.

2. Watch a horror movie [ ]

Okay I'm a wuss. No. Yes. OKay in actual situations I'd like to think I'd be somewhat responsible and calm but with movies I swear the suspenseful music jUst gets to me. My recommendation is to start light with movies like 'Scary Movie', 'Insidious' and 'Warm Bodies' then dive into movies like 'Conjuring' or 'The Shining'. If that all sounds like too much then take a trustworthy friend to the cinema and watch a horror movie and then get them to promise to not tell anyone how terrified you were. This one is kind of specific to me because I need to get over this fear but you can tailor it to a fear or bad habit you want to get over; this is the longest break for most so it's the perfect time to start all those plans and really keep to them. Come on, you got this!

3. Visit an ART exhibition [ ]

This is sort of like the flower market but also includes your brain as well as heart. I'm a passionate photography student so this is just right up my alley but I still recommend this to anyone just because beauty is a basic service that helps open you to new thoughts and ideas that help you develop and connect more with oneself. I feel like museums, talk and exhibitions are such great places for inspiration and should be a regular event to look out for.

4. Add new room decor [ ]

As the seasons change so does your mood and overall output, brightening up your comfort zone may help keep you bright and is just such fun. I recommend looking on Pinterest for fun ideas and things to do as they have so much I'm sure you'll find things you like. I have been really into the whole teen photograph college but recently it's been looking sort of boxy and boring... I was on Pinterest and found the idea to simply use string and pegs as a more creative way to hang photos whilst adding a personal touch! Obviously if you're living the lazy life than simply buying some pieces work too!

5. Create a scrapbook [ ]

More than half the year has passed and what do you have to show for it? Nah I'm not trying to bring back the resolutions, I'm asking on how you plan to remember all the good times the little trips to the shops for late night snack with friends or that leaflet from that random event hey even the lolly stick from the trip to the park with the family is a sweet little memento that might want to be kept. I suggest a little box so that you could either write about the day in a letter r card and add it or just put a keepsake. This idea really is super sweet and worth the effort especially when you get to go through it some time later either by yourself or even with the people you got to share those memories with!