Monday, 8 August 2016

16-20 Photo Challenge

16. in my bag
 Last days of college means not really having to carry work, I mean I took my tablet and a little book in case I need to take notes but mainly an umbrella cause the weather is unpredictable, a reading book to pass the time and all other extras like body mist to keep me smelling fresh and cute and other little beauty products!

17. fave shop
 Lush. I may not shop here often but honestly every time I go it's like going to Wonderland. All the products are good for your skin and the planet so there's no need to worry about any harm like that; although that might be a little be costly and Lush is aware of that so if you just want to come in for a little snoop around at the new products then that's totally okay too. The bath bomb used in the picture is Fizzbanger as I was feeling very bright and wanted some lovely smells to match, it's a very citrusy bath bomb with lovely light smells and lots of colour, at the end it does make the water very green but I just felt like I was laying in deep green grass which was sort of perfect for the season.

18. inspiration
 Recently I went to University College London open day and I learned about an Arts and Science BASc which caused me to fall in love with the idea of university still being flexible and more suited to me then a set path I have to follow. The course allows you to follow part Arts and part Science so you truly get the best of both worlds. However no matter how in love I am with the course itself for now it is just a distant dream as to get in you need A*AA which is very far from my sight. I am determined to try and give it my best and hopefully this will be where I go.

19. love
 It was the last day of college and it was a l o n g morning of personal statement work but the ending was good. I miss it. It was nice to be around the new friends I had made that year and see them all happy for the last time. It was was a lovely day and we decided to have henna done with the date just as a memento for the day. This picture wasn't taken by me cause I was in it but I like the bold colours and how bright and happy it is, showing the love of friendship and how bonds can be made so easily and have such an important impact on people.

20. something new
My Mummy bought me a new laptop and I swear I'm so happy with it!!! It's a tablet with an attachable keyboard which I love because it's basically a 2-in-1 and I love the colour and it's the perfect size and it does everything I need to and I'm so happy with this. THANK YOU MUMMY I love you so much and I am so happy with this.