Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Nail Care

I feel like I just realised my nails, don't get me wrong I love that they help me peel stickers and are the saviour during those crazy itching moments but nail care... Like manicures and things like it's all just so foreign to me. To be honest I'm not so fussed about the shape of my nails but more the general health and care. Like how have they survived wow Well after that vuja de moment I decided to add a simple practise to help strengthen my nails and give them a little love more often for all the protection and honestly just for putting up with my lack of safety when peeling oranges or picking at them during boredom.

Lemon juice
The lemon is important, as a natural antibacterial helps clean your nails making them lighten and brighten especially important to help get rid of white marks on nails. There are others that would be just as good but lemon is one of the most readily available and most helpful in leaving a refreshing and happy nails feeling!

Olive oil
Olive oil is probably the holy grail of oils or maybe I just think that because I'm Asian. Either olive oil is a true Godsend and it's so versatile and easily available which just really makes me happy. It's used in the mix to help strengthen your nails as well as stimulating growth which we can all see my nails truly need.

Coconut oil
This is actually optional however I add it for a couple of reasons, one of them being that coconut oil is really nourishing and gentle so it'll really help moisturise my skin and nails. However the second reason I add it is because the mixture without it feels quite slick which might not even be a word popularly used but is seriously the perfect description, after using it on my nails I like to rub the product into my arms yet when i used to do it before adding coconut oil the mix just felt rubbery and unpleasant so for me this step is necessary.


1tbsp lemon juice
1tbsp olive oil
1tbsp coconut oil


  1. Keep a couple of tissues ready to use after next to your station so that if there is any mess it can be cleaned quickly and easily. 
  2. I pretty much just add the ingredients into a bowl in that order and then give it give it a thorough mix with a fork. 
  3. Then the important step is that the mixture is put in the microwave for 30s (+/-5s depending on your microwave) to create a hot oil mix. 
  4. This is when you leave your nails in the bowl to soak up all the benefits, I recommend leaving your nails in for 5mins, just be careful because adding your tips straight away might be too hot and burn you so just test the oil first and ease your hand in.
  5. After wipe your hand on a tissue to get rid of excess and then I just rub my hands on my arms especially onto my elbows to moisturise the whole hands and arms.

You'll come to realise that this quite a lot of mixture for just your nails but this is so that they get a good soak each use but you can totally change it up to fit you, this was just best for me and as I used very cheap products so I didn't feel like it was a big dip in the bank at all.
I haven't done this for so long but I do plan to continue once every week and I'll be sure to show you the progress!!