Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Flower Market (Columbia Road)

Hey there's a big secret as to why I wanted to buy flowers this Summer because well I'm going to turn 18 this year and in all my younger years I have never been gifted flowers. Now obviously not from a relationship partner but like never from my family or friends. To be honest I get why like it doesn't suit my personality, I'm the child at heart, the happy go lucky; buy me sweet treats instead but I still think there's a beauty in flowers that cannot be matched by anything else. They are natural works of art.
So as a (teeny bit) sad little forget-me-not I decided I wasn't going to wait for someone to buy them for me because I was going to buy my own flowers!

So every Sunday there's a flower market open in Columbia Road (London) where freshly imported flowers are sold. I went here hoping to not only find a bunch of beautiful flowers but to also really take in the environment and colour as I would like it to be a place I go often. I'm going to warn you it is very busy even on regular days so the narrow road may not be so fun for claustrophobic people or if you're in a rush. However I did really get to spend my time just looking at all the different stalls and getting to take it in. I would really recommend going with a friend and people watch and as a pretty place to visit.

I wasn't just interested in roses I also really was quite excited to see lots of tall and bold sunflowers being sold however I did purchase a mini cactus! They just seemed so cute and quirky I'm super glad I got one and I've named it Ellie so hopefully you will see her in some posts! I did buy a bunch of roses for my mum because flowers are always a lovely surprise xx

Flowers are always a good idea. Indulge a little. Or a lot.