Sunday, 5 June 2016

1-5 June Photo Challenge

1. Selfie
Of course on the first day of my first photo for my first photography challenge I decide to leave it until 11:51pm to take the first image. Maybe because it was a selfie and a little bit of me felt self-conscious but here we go, my fresh face just after my evening routine in my cringe worthy pyjamas that I cannot explain but just say I'm wearing them because it's comfy and my mum bought them. I took two pictures because even though it's just really showing my naked face covered in acne scars it also shows that I was trying out a new scarf style and it came out really nice and it made me happy and I hope that shows.

I went out with my friends as a day out for the girl with me in this picture (HAPPY BIRTHDAY NITHYA) and it was just a fun day out as we went to a trampoline centre, out to eat and then ended the day eating ice cream as we watched sappy movies like 'Just Go With It' on Netflix. I'm wearing a blue and grey hijab from my mother’s cupboard, my comfy blue jumper from H&M that says 'Stay Wild' in a cool tribal print, blue jeggins from Primark and we are both wearing our bright blue socks from Better Extreme from when we went to the centre!

3. Sunrise
It was a dull day in the UK (such a surprise) and trusts me on that because this picture wasn't even taken in the morning, it was at 2pm and the sky still looks cold as ever. I do like the contrast between the trees reaching into the image with the building in the centre yet they do complement each other really nicely with the green leaves and the brown bricks. I'm just going to admire my first time cloning skills on the building though, because I wanted to hide some personal things and that clone tool really had some potential but I just killed it with my basic skills.

4. Sunset 
The sunset was much more promising and I did use a filter to darken the building and create a sort of silhouette which made me really love this image. I took this image around Maghrib time so this was when the first few sun rays were showing and even though it wasn't the most picture perfect sunset I love the colours and how the little parts of the buildings stand out and the different buildings add depth to the image.

5. Nature
This image represents exactly how I feel knowing that my holidays have ended and I have to go into strict work mode tomorrow. There's a strong retro filter added to darken most of the colour and even though the caption is nature I really like that the brown filter brings out a brown earthy tone to the image. This is a panorama from my window and I really like how it shows from one end to the other with a cheeky bit of sky on both ends.