Friday, 3 June 2016

Lip Plumping Mask

I recently wanted to try some Korean beauty products because after recently binging over K-dramas like Heir and Good Morning Call I was amazed and their flawless skin that genuinely looked so natural. A friend of mine introduced me to a collection of her wonderful Korean beauty products which lead to me searching online to find this crazy product!

To be honest I'm not really fussed over my lips like I know they're not the biggest but they're not thin so I wasn't so bothered and bought this out of fun and because I always wanted to see how it would feel to have Kylie Jenner lips which seem to be the thing nowadays :D So when I was on EBay and saw two lip plumping masks for 99p I decided they were just perfect for something totally random and fun to try!

The delivery was free yet did take a few weeks which seemed super long but when they came I was extremely excited to try out these cute products. Especially as it promised to "softens your lips, exfoliates, repairs your lips and refines ageing by cell regenerating."

Practically everything was in another language so I had to look up and learn that these were gel masks with "plant collagen, ProVitamin, hyaluronic acid, purified water, lavender essence and grape seed oil" so had some scientific reasoning to working as collagen is known for repairing and renewing the skin and would essentially do the same on the lips :*

They needed to be left on for 20-30mins then it was supposed to dissolve into your skin which I found really weird and kinda scary to be honest but that didn't stop me from trying!

The packaging was kinda difficult because even though it looks really simple when you try to tear it open from the slips you realise that you can't cause of the plastic and then I kind of got into a mess because I didn't want to use scissors in case I cut the product so I just had to be careful when opening this slippery product. After that I treated it like a race against time because obviously it could dry out so with much skill I moved the product from the tray onto my lips and then just laid in bed with my timer on for 30mins. Honestly it was an accomplishment. 

You start to feel it doing something straight away especially as I scrubbed my lips a but just before it so that my lips were bare and clean so the tingly feeling was interesting but nothing super harsh that it was unbearable, honestly it wasn't even Carmex standard of tingles although I definitely could feel something happening. 

It was kind of awkward just wearing it cause even though I didn't plan on talking it was hard for me to just lie there and not do anything because holding my phone up to my face became a workout. I'm just glad I had some headphones on to have the UK top 50 on Spotify to keep me company. Make sure you lie down though because it is super slippery and will just keep sliding if you move at all. 

I had somewhere to go the next day so I didn't want anything extremely big for a super change which is why it's good for the night before as it is supposed to last for a significant length and the pictures were cute and gave me hope. 

A hard part was not breathing from my mouth because I didn't want to blow the product off my lip or into my mouth but I wasn't used to just using my nose so that is something to be aware of before using because it is very strict to rules and you need to take the time out for it for results. 


I ended keeping the mask on for much longer (about an hour) because I expected dissolved mask and that just didn't happen. The mask itself dried up so I could have got up but it was still slippery and slided off easily so taking it off was not tricky. 

The overall results were not massive or anything but it definitely made my lips look more full and feel smooth. I'm a constant lip biter if I don't have anything on my lips then the skin will just be bitten off and this mask helped smoothen out all the tears.

This product comes with two masks which helps understand that it may need to be used regularly for the best results and that is something I'm totally up for as it is such a good price and I could definelty see it as something part of my beauty regime.