Monday, 2 January 2017

Planning January

Day 2 of 365

As part of the restart and revamped new year I am starting afresh with my bullet journal. The older pages have been securely taped up and I'm just starting with the simple things and no fuss, there will be no index or key just whatever I feel I need for a month. Instead of starting with a word of the year I wrote my goals so I can easily go back and remind myself of them and little tips to help keep put with them. The page next to it is my college timetable that's just coloured blocks because I am a very colour coding person so I can easily see what I have in the day. Being a student my life pretty much revolves around education.

This is a very bare looking calendar for January but trust me it will get full once the holidays are over and it all kicks in. I like to write big tasks here and little marks for homework so I can prep for tests and still keep track of things. I find that stickers are really useful because you can easily understand the symbol without taking up too much space, for instance, the flower represents meeting up with a friend for breakfast! 

Finally, this is the plan for the day and I'm hoping to get it all done with time to spare so I can catch up on shows but we'll see. I chose very blue colours, I'm trying colour therapy and hoping it helps me feel calm as I panic that I have college in less than 24hrs with no work done... Wish me luck xx