Sunday, 1 January 2017


Day 1 of 365

It's no lie I am bad at time keeping, I'm late for everything and procrastination is like my bestfriend. But thankfully 2016 was good to me and I'm going to reciprocate that by giving it my all in 2017.

My goals for the blog is to be more consistent to really try hard. I do love reading blogs and making reading other people's life stories and reviews so and to make my own does make me happy. My uncle gave me some good advice that I'd like to share. 
Spend two hours a day purely on work and then after that, you deserved the good things.
So this year I'm going to spend two hours on my blog in some way, whether it's just posting once a day or even joining in on Twitter discussions there will be a good time spent on my blog.

I'd also like to not only read more but actually finish the books I start. That means either bringing a book or consistently reading, either is fine as long as I finish it. I did find a list in the English department at college but I think I'll start with what I have to finish at home.

Well, one down, three hundred and sixty-four left! How about you, any goals for 2017?