Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Body Shop SALE

Body shop Here's a little splurge from The Body Shop because of the January sales. I got a tonne of great deals on amazing scents new and old so let's go through them!!

First up my favourite... spiced apple! Honestly, I just love everything about it so I bought the shower gel and body butter. The smell has a lot of cinnamon whilst keeping hints of that sweet fruity apple which makes it my all time favourite winter smell. The body butter is amazingly thick and creamy that it holds in the fresh scent all day while making your skin all soft and feeling cosy. Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better start to the day.

And then we have the frosted berries shower gel which I find myself regularly reaching for. It's a much lighter smell with hints of berry and lots of sweetness. Also for anyone who enjoyed Lush Snow Fairy but thought that was too strong then this is a lighter version and it smells like jelly!! Although I was hesitant this is actually a really nice smell for every day.

I just need to bring up this fabulous smell I got on sale. This beauty was £1 and I am so glad I got it. The lotion is in Indian Jasmine and is the freshest evening scent ever. Even as a small bottle it packs a lot of power and honestly lasts the whole day and night. I found myself smelling gorgeous throughout the day and feeling wonderful. It's such a luxurious scent that I recommended it especially if you're going out in the evening and IF YOU SEE THIS ON SALE GET IT AND THEN YOU'LL SEE WHAT I MEAN!!

Phew now that's done I randomly want to pick up with this Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer it was half price on sale so I figured I love the range I'll love this. I was right. Ladies and gentleman let me share with you the secret to glowing skin, yes I am for real. This baby can help marks fade, brighten your skin whilst feeling moisturised and without leaving you oily. Trust me (but then again dependent on the skin type) I have oily skin and the vitamin c moisturiser is so helpful but with so much SPF leaves me feeling like I'm slathered in oil. This goes on top of your moisturiser (some people use it as a primer) and it helps reduce oil so, so much. I'm not gonna lie my forehead is still greasy by evening but at least I don't look like a fried potato the whole day so I'm good.

I feel like strawberry is such a classic, the strawberry body butter was one of the first things I ever bought from The Body Shop and for good reason. The shower gel is one of the best and even though the packaging keeps changing it just gets better and better. It has such a sweet scent but The Body Shop are able to keep it sophisticated and brilliant for work days.

Even if there isn't a sale on the normal items there are great offers so I got these two shower gels together for £6 which also let me try a new scent and I am so proud of my choice. The moringa shower gel is a fresh flower smell that keeps you feeling clean and ready for the day. I am slowly falling in love with this so we'll see how it does!

This is a long haul but I was so excited with all these that I really really wanted to share them with you!! I bought all of these and gave my own honest opinion, not sponsored. There are new and old things so let me know if you've tried any of these and what's your favourite scent from The Body Shop?