Saturday, 7 January 2017

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation Review

It's been too long since I wore foundation. In Summer I had just gotten darker and was always sweaty so never really cared too much about it but then in Winter it was just too hard to find a good foundation that matched my skin tone because most of them were either too light and made me look grey or darker than I actually was so made me feel upset with my skin. I just gave up and wore a moisturiser and the rest of the products. I'm so happy I had little fancy places to go because mixing up foundations is not a fun job.

Rant over I'd like to share what helped the most and what I think is the best for people going through the same situation and why. If you couldn't already guess by the title it's No7 Stay Perfect foundation from Boots. I decided to give the colour tester a try, it was there and putting my faith in a machine didn't seem so bad. I got Deeply honey and to my surprise, it blended into my skin so well. True tears of joy would have erupted but instead, I shared the excitement by looking through the little booklet that came with it and ecstatically shopping. Honestly, they must have thought I was mad but hey I was buying things so it's all good.

The foundation itself blends in really well and feels so lightweight so it is the best fit for every day. My skin has quite a bit of scar and marks but this really helps create a natural even tone that doesn't cake up on the skin. I like to apply it straight onto my face and then buff it out and then pat it in with a sponge for extra assurance but that's just because I'm a bit extra, using just your fingers is good too.

I ended up also buying a lipstick in the shade sweet chestnut as it's a good coral shade for my skin tone so it's pinky enough without being too bright. This is from the moisture drench range so it's got a sheen to it which I like because I did get a lot of matte lipsticks and this is a nice change.

I also got a blush in the shade plum velvet because I wanted a new shade of blush and this apparently was a good peach shade. I have to say these are super pigmented so don't be scared of the small size, it packs a lot of punch.

Day 7 of 365