Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Superdrug face masks 8D

I love Superdrug. Absolutely one of my favourite places to go ever since I started shopping all by myself. I'm one of the originals I have the first beauty cards and not the fancy half black ones they sell now. All my makeup used to be bought from here, as well as a whole tonne of my bath products! So it is safe to say I have tested this product a whole lot, this was one of the first things I bought and continue to buy, keep on reading if you want to find out why!

It's cheap. £1 per packet that can be used 2-3 times that's a good deal, they also have tubes of masks that last for so long (totally recommending) so overall you can be sure that you get your money's worth, sometimes they even do 3 for 2 on face masks and well trust me then it's like picking the last sweet in a candy store but every minute of it is fun.

My favourite for acne has to be the lemon and witch hazel face mask just because the clay really helps clean the oils in your skin and whenever I have a lot of acne this just helps balance it all out by really gets rid of spots. The only thing I will say is don't expect speedy results thinking that if you use it every day it will be flawless in no time, the drying effect can be overdone so I recommend once or twice a week.

They smell AMAZING <3 In my personal opinion the apricot face mask was not up to par but every other face mask (practically all of the rest) is soo good. The exfoliating berries mask for normal skin types and cinnamon mask has to be my favourite for smells just because I love sweet things, even if it's an artificial scent it's really important you enjoy it considering it's gonna be on your face for 10-15mins.

The self heating masks are the best for dry skin but I still get them for a cold day because I swear it straight up works so good for cold days to make you feel all warm and cosy again, they also help brighten up your skin so that's a plus especially if you've been feeling gloomy; maybe that's just me. I do have to say though the self heating masks need to go on a wet face otherwise it can feel itchy, especially on sensitive areas like under eye. They also don't necessarily dry up so I leave them on for a good 20mins or till I feel like the warmth is fleeting.

These are my personal opinions kay it is definitely not the same for all skin types so even though I did include something for most I'm just putting it out there, I am no skincare expert so don't quote me.
To end, here's a throwback from 2013 (I'd have been 14 and she was 4) of me being really excited and putting face mask on my sis, dw I took it off as soon as my mum told me that it's not good for babies I'm an idiot ik dw >.< Have you ever tried these masks out, which is your favourite?