Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Fall Study Challenge 25-31

25.10.16 // Hobby
Damn do I even do anything? lol jk sleeping can count as a hobby. However recently I got a camera to borrow from college and that's pretty great! I got both a digital and film camera for the holidays so I'd been using that a lot.

26.10.16 // Study inspirations
"If tomorrow's not the due date, today is not the to do date"
What inspires me to study?? Actually studyspo and deadlines help a lot. Looking at cute notes makes me put more effort in when writing them out aand when I have a lot to do I get stressed out easily so I make sure that I note down what I've done in a day so I can keep track of what needs to be done and it keeps me going. It's kind of weird but I also remember Jim Chapman in a tag with Zoella, talking about how he used to do all his work as soon as he got it and well I kind of just want to be like that I guess!

27.10.16 // Fall theme

... Am I Autumnal yet? I bought a comfy kind of jacket-cardigan from Primark recently and then added some badges to personalise. I wanted something to keep me warm but not hot and this is perfect because it is thin but has a lovely warm material that keeps out the cold. I recommend it for cold mornings and chilly days. I did actually get it from the men's section just because even though it was a bit more pricey they had a much better material and the fitting was more comfy than tight which is actually perfect for fall

28.10.16 // Costume/fall colours

Gold. I'm loving the idea of wearing deep, rich colours like navy blue and teal or plum all over again but there has been a lot of gold accents popping up in my life and I am arms open to it! Sometimes it'll be love to a new highlighter that might as well be sprinkles of gold considering how much they shine and other times it's the golden yellow like in this late night cookie dough that keeps me happy.

29.30.16 // Unknown

There isn't a title for this one so I just decided to insert this picture of a noodle box because I really like food and that is what I ate for lunch today.

30.10.16 // This month I...

have never felt so relaxed and hectic. I had a lot to do but Alhamdulillah I got through it. Yes it could have gone better but it also could have been worse. I'm at least trying this time so it's okay.

31.10.16 // Halloween! / note to self

I need to start fixing up my timetable as in when I sleep and when I'm awake, because it's getting darker I tend to sleep earlier which isn't an issue as long as I wake up and don't oversleep
PS that's kind of what happened yesterday which is why this is late, sorry.

Although that is the challenge complete, I really enjoyed it as it helped keep me motivated however if I don't post soon I'm either too busy, my laptop is dead or I'm just tired and I blame the weather for being darker earlier.