Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Surprise Shopping #3

I wasn't supposed to go into Superdrugs so I think the lack of sleep pulled me into the store and the rest was history. It was covered in 3 for 2 signs and pom poms I just had to get something so this time I even surprised myself. I'm actually pleased with everything I got even if it wasn't planned, I did decide to get things I already use daily but from different brands.

First up I wanted this MUA highlighter in gold because I always test it out and it's such a beautiful shade, I know that MUA is very pigmented makeup so when this highlighter came out sparkly it just made my dreams come true. I do like gold highlighters with my skin tone so this one was awesome. I knoww it looks white but trust me it's like I'm wearing gold glitter in the best way.

MUA shimmering highlighter in iridescent gold

As the highlighter was three pounds I needed things within that range, the first thing I thought of was Maybelline lip balms and it being Autumn they had a new range. Of course me being my fanatic food loving self got super hyped over chai tea flavoured lip balm and just had to get it. It was also a good deep shade of pink/red that I knew would look good on me. Baby lips is a product I have tried before so I knew it would be pigmented enough that I could wear this alone on a basic day and still look like I glammed up.

Maybelline baby lips in chai tea latte

Finally I was about to buy another baby lips when I remembered that I needed a new deep brown shade to bronze/counter my skin but it did need to be in the three pound range to make sure I was getting the most out of this deal, so I was super excited to get this magnificent find of a three in one bronzer, highlighter and blusher for £3.50 from Makeup Revolution. I know it is 50p over however I don't know if you can see but the screen was cracked so I was able to get it for £3 instead and hey I can live with a crack as long as the product is all good.

Makeup revolution three-in-one in medium/dark C04 

And this is the final look with some primer underneath for an even base otherwise I am happy to leave the house with just these. If you think I'm lacking in confidence because I'm looking down plej no that's not how it works I am just too much model that you cannot handle my shy bride look >.< I am actually really happy with everything I got and seriously this is such a good sale, like this is the one 3 for 2 across all cosmetics, lashes and nails and just yes go for it! You also get a free pom pom to join the #pompomsquad and I am tempted to do a bit more just to get the other two... we'll see =)

without flash for true everyday look

with flash bc too much professional