Friday, 8 April 2016

Travel Skincare Essentials

I went to my cousins house outside of London so it was basically like a mini retreat, they live next to a high street so it was just the right amount of countryside without making me feel like I'm going to break out in hives. There was little to no warning that we were staying so I just packed the basics for my skincare so I could take off the makeup which was my main priority (I even forgot to pack my PJs till my lil came in reminding me) but hey could you blame me?

First thing first wipes. These are just some Superdrugs wipes for combination skin but they're good at taking off the main parts and leaving you feel refreshed, I count it as a temporary toner so I wouldn't have to pack lots.

I brought my mini facial wash by Clinique as even though it's not my favourite, the bottle is small so it was pretty convenient and as I had the wipes if it didn't work so well I could just use another wipe!

For moisturiser I brought my Body Shop vitamin C cream with SPF 30 in case it was sunny and to be honest I wasn't bothered to a travel bottle with lotion so this was good.

I got my lip balm by balance me as I cannot leave without having something on my lips and this is a nice treatment that lets me have a bit of colour without being too much.

I also brought some mascara (Maybelline Rocket waterproof) just because I love it so and it just makes my eyes pop without looking too heavy. There's something about this mascara that adds to your eyes, making it look awake without really making a big impact especially as my lashes are normally full so this just adds length without clumping it.