Sunday, 10 April 2016

Urban Chocolatier (East Shopping Centre)

It's a lovely afternoon to reminisce over good food…

Recently I went to Urban Chocolatier for a lovely indulge in sweet treats of chocolate-y goodness, well I say that but really even though I have a sweet tooth I'm not a big fan of chocolate but my friends were so it's all good.

I went for a basic fatal maple waffle with strawberries which is basically a waffle with maple syrup and some freshly chopped strawberries, it also came with a cup of ice cream which helped turn this into a wonderfully fluffy and sweet treat! My first thoughts was just “Yes.” This was exactly what I was looking for so it totally just hit the spot. The waffle is made fresh so it's pretty plain but with the maple syrup and strawberries it became a burst of sugary goodness and the ice cream just makes it heavenly.

I also tried the classic cookiedough mugshot which is a freshly baked, thin, chocolate chip cookie with a cup of ice cream (in the middle) then covered in chocolate sauce. Honestly if you've never been before, get this. It sums up Urban Chocolatier as a whole, honestly this dessert is so good. It definitely hits the chocolate cravings and trust me, they bake it fresh (and really quick) so you always get a lovely hot gooey cookie with a cool cup of ice cream. This is my favourite picture from the three desserts just because it was the first to come so I was able to zoom in close and capture the beauty of this wondrous dessert. The chocolate sauce was so pretty and you can see that the sauce on the ice cream ended up freezing as it drips which was so cool to see.

Lastly, we got Cookie Monster waffle which is super chocolate-y. It's a waffle with crushed Oreos and chocolate sauce with a side of ice cream, honestly if you love chocolate but a cake is too much or too plain, go for this. It's got that crunch from the biscuit which compliments the soft waffle and with the ice cream 😊 Heaven honestly. Even though I'm not a fan of chocolate desserts I think if I ever get a die hard craving this would be what I would go for.

I've got to say out of all of it I love the ice cream the most 😋 So if you're ever in the area why not pop in and try it out, I'm sure this will be just as wonderful for you as it was for me!

Got any places you think I might enjoy? I love food. Why not let me know in the comments below!