Monday, 26 September 2016

Read a chapter...

So I decided to try out this technique when reviewing a book, instead of just reading any review or blur you give it a go and if you like the first chapter then you carry on if not well then you put it down and try again. This to me seemed a little uncomfortable to do in a book shop so I decided to go to a library and pick a book!

I searched in the psychology area of my college library just because I really love psychology and a good book would be fun as well as educational (I'm a geek I know I have the glasses to prove it B] ) I kind of just picked up the first book that just happened to be there which was this small, really old, yellow book called 'Don't Say 'Yes' When You Want To Say 'No'' by Herbert Fensterheim and Jean Baer  which I then took to a seat and read.

I have to say I realised how important first chapters are, and how amazing they can be for instance this started off with an anecdote by the Jean Baer about her transformation through the training and it was fabulous. It was funny whilst still sharing information on the book whilst keeping it mysterious and exciting and well I have to say I'm hooked!

It did then later on have some more serious background information on methods and experiments it was based on and such but really the first chapter was such a great hook and kept reading. I didn't borrow the book just because I already have quite a lot of educational things to do it just wouldn't be beneficial but the next time I get a moment (maybe in the next holidays tbh) I'll be sure to pick it up! Although I have been entering the library more just to give it a read so maybe a bit sooner.

Are you reading any good books lately? Let me know in the comments below xx