Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Yummy Mummy Lush product review

Can we all just take a moment to realise that I bought this in April and it only finished now?! That's five months, nearly six and tbh I think it would have been if I didn't let my family borrow it. So I'd like to give an opinion on this product if not because it's a Lush product then at the very least for taking this wonderfully cute picture and not being able to use it in any other way. I swear I've had this ready since April and I'm only using it now, it actually makes me happy!

Yummy Mummy is a limited edition shower cream from Mother's day, it's surprisingly not lavender scented rather a very mysterious tonka smell. I say mysterious only because this is the first time I bought something with tonka absolute in it and I was at first so confused as to what it smelt like the all I could define it was a mysterious, a musky mystery. It adds a very sweet vanillary scent but what's really amazing is that I could spend absolute ages smelling it and not get sick of it, it's an untraditional and creative scent which is what I loved about it.

The shower cream itself was wonderful, it left me feeling washed and clean and smelling amazing all day, I like that it's not a revitalising ingredients like mint or lemon that are in a lot of morning products because sometimes you just want a hug in warm water and that's exactly what this is. 

If we were being picky the only thing I didn't like was the texture, I know it is a shower cream but it just felt thick for a wash and was hard to lather at first but you get the hang of it. The product is filled with sparkle but that disappears and doesn't leave you shining which is a good thing as I wasn't planning on doing any highlighter challenge.

Overall I really enjoyed this product and I would definitely buy it again next year, have you tried this or any other Lush product? Have any recommendations? Leave them in the comments below :)