Thursday, 29 September 2016

OOTD // College Clothes

Now that mini fashion week is over, I can go back to comfy, comfy and since it's Autumn that includes jumpers! I love jumpers. I love that they're no effort yet can still be worn practically everyday in every setting seriously it's just about finding the right jumper for the setting.

Today's outfit included a (H&M) jumper with a cute picture and caption, light blue jeggings (by New Look); they look darker because the grey sleeveless cardigan (from Whitechapel) adds a cast. The (Primark) shoes are just plain and comfy and the (Primark) bag is good for days when you don't have a lot to carry because it's not massive yet can hold a couple of notebooks and necessities!

SEE they are light blue Kay. Long days mean comfort clothes and these are definitely comfy ^_^