Thursday, 15 September 2016

H&M Autumn Wishlist

I will always buy a H&M jumper, the quality is soft but not fluffy which is awesome for me to not feel like I'm suffocating. There's so many choices so it's not hard to find the right one for you and then the price of £5.99 is super cheap that I genuinely buy one a month no matter the weather.

This is just a really simple turtleneck jumper I thought would be really great for Autumn because of the colour and style. The burgundy is deep and sophisticated which will be great for school and then turtleneck and long simple sleeves to keep you warm. This would definitely become key in my wardrobe because it's such a good Autumn piece that can be styled in so many ways. Also an amazing price of £7.99 is a must to try!

This dress caught my attention because of how simple yet cute it looks. It would really suit the style I'm going for this Autumn and I love that it has the thin red lines which create a more nautical look. The dress is versatile for day and night as it could be a basic work outfit with some accessories maybe a staple necklace or be layered with a big cardigan for a more laid back look; either way this dress is definite a must have considering it is only £12.99 thus a real catch, don't you think?

 For accessories I plan on keeping it simple to one piece of jewellery per outfit as I have bought quite a few and really end up never wearing them. Thus this term I will have this gold chain, keyring bracelet as my main accessory to spice up any bold colours. The gold adds a warm tone and is pretty basic so goes well with most outfits, yet there is a silver one available for anyone who likes silver much, much more! I especially love the items attached because they're so cute and add a personal touch. 

The item on the left is a solid bar of perfume, this is relatively new for H&M so I'm excited to try that out. I like a good perfume bar because they tend to last longer than most perfumes in bottles. Also the scents are really simple so would be great for everyday and hopefully does a good job considering it is of premium quality and is £6.99 for 2.5g :o

These shoes are plain black canvas shoes that go with pretty much any casual outfit. They are for a really good price of £7.99 and H&M have such good quality that I'm sure these will stand a whole season (which is a challenge as I'm not so good at taking care of shoes) and if not they won't make me break the bank.

The final item I'd like is this leather tote bag. I'm not really a fan of hand bags or anything like it but this is very edgy and bold without being too bright colour wise. I like it's simplicity and the humour itself and I think it is something I would take on casual days to school and on days out, I'm sure it will be able to hold all those things for sure!