Monday, 5 September 2016

Back to school outfit ideas

It's September and in this terrifying month school starts :(
However the first week day is really a fashion show so here's a couple of outfits to inspire your inner designer!

This is a basic long plaid shirt (Whitechapel Market) with some skinny jeans (New Look) and black flats (Primark) for a casual formal look. As the shirt is long it's more cute and dressier yet still keeps an overall chill vibe that's comfortable to work in!

This is a very basic look that works especially well when you're stuck with no idea on what to wear. Black and white is always a good combo so the dress (H&M) is a staple and with the long black cardigan (Whitechapel Market) creates a more sophisticated look. The jeggings (New Look) add a laid back touch as well as complimenting any Sun that might appear. The bow (Forever 21) in the scarf (Green Street) was to add a cute touch as well as just showing off my style overall.