Thursday, 22 September 2016

22 Things to do this Autumn

() Drink white hot chocolate (Costa is my fave)

() Buy a new jumper

() Bake some gingerbread cookies


() Eat a slice of pie

() Take a long morning walk

() Knit a scarf

() Wear something trendy

() Make caramel apples

() Buy new gloves

() Wear dark accessories

() Visit an abandoned area (safe places)

() Bake bread

() Walk in the rain (take an umbrella)

() Try a new flavour of tea

() Research about a vegetable (even create a recipe with it after?)

() Read a book in a comfy chair

() Stargaze

() Watch a new and old halloween movie

() Make dinner for the family

() Smell a new scent  (candle shopping)

() Create an Autumn fashion lookbook (include the colour orange)