Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Ice Cream Bread OoO

I've been inspired well really I've been feeling nostalgic after GBBO and bread week I was thinking of those lessons in Cooking class when we had to make bread and learning about how it rises and the ache after the kneading process. Well after that I also learned a sort of unhealthy alternative to the process.


I get it, that must sound crazy, it did to me when I first saw it online. But there was something intriguing about the idea that just made me try it! To my surprise it actually worked! Well it was more like a cake than bread but the overall the process worked!! I couldn't help but think of all the calories whilst making it but trust me this sweet bread is so delicious and such a great way of adding a sugar on those days you feel lazy and bored so once in a while this is defineltly worth a try.

  • 240ml/174g ICE CREAM, I used two Iceland white chocolate majestics
  • 200g Self-raising flour (more or less on how dense you want it)

1. Leave the ice cream in room temperature for at least 5mins
2. Then add it into a bowl, with mine I had to take off the white chocolate covering but that's okay I just ate that =P
3. Mash that down a bit with a fork till it's workable and will mix with the flour, this is why step one is important
4. Add in the flour, you can sieve it I did not in this moment because it all just gets mixed togeher thoroughly
5. Put it in the oven for about 20mins (more or less depending on your oven) on gas mark 6

And there you have it! Sweet bread to start a sweet day maybe even for a sweet someone ;) That's me guys why not try and make it for me =P If you do give it a go I'd love to see your recreations, my Twitter and Instagram is linked in the sidebar so don't be afraid to reach out to me!