Wednesday, 28 September 2016

How I remove my makeup =*

I am no makeup guru, for me makeup is like expensive face paint and to be able to experiment and go artistically creative is super fun. But at the end of a long day there's nothing better than just wiping it all away and being left with a squeaky clean face that is fully refreshed and nourished. It's especially amazing considering that makeup no matter how expensive and luxurious can affect your skin so it's really important to keep your skin nourished and hydrated!

First up is oil! Any will do, I prefer to use 100% virgin olive oil to help break down the makeup, especially if you used a setting spray or any waterproof makeup to help stop the product sticking onto your skin and making it much, much more easier to take off. As well as using this time to give your face and neck a lil massage after a long day is just wonderful.

I do like to clean off the oil as too much could clog your pores and create more spots which is a no no from me so wipes is up next. I like to use Superdrug wipes just because they're cheap yet do an amazing job and removing all the product and leaving your skin feeling really refreshed. Right now I'm using the one for combination skin but my favourite has to be the sensitive wipes by Superdrugs.

At this point my skin is clean enough that on lazy days I would just go to bed but today was not one of those days! So moving on swiftly we met my favourite toner by Clearasil, seriously I'm just watching this beautiful potion finish and after years I'm still amazed at the magic it possess. I realised whenever I use this my acne just reduces dramatically and for someone with very oily, acne prone skin it is just a godsend <3

By this time my skin has been stripped clean from any residue that could possibly left so I urgently add some moisture on my lips, I've been using the Elemis lip balm and I have to say I am so, so happy for this. I genuinely wake up with soft, plump lips which just astounds me.

Before adding an all over face cream I like to use some eye cream by balance me because I've been getting dark eye circles, especially since college started. I have to say I am really pleased with how well this is working and because it is by balance me I know that they will be protecting my eyes without having to use any harsh chemicals so no irritation which is a worry for me considering this is a sensitive area.

Lastly is Simple night cream to add nutrients to my face as well as keeping my skin soft and nourished. Considering this is a relatively cheap evening cream I'm not afraid to use a fair bit so that through the night my skin can soak up the benefits!

x DONE x
That's how I remove my makeup, especially during busy days when a little more me time is necessary!
What products do you love to use when removing makeup?
Let me know in the comments below x