Sunday, 18 September 2016

Goodies from Glamour

I know I just recently posted my skincare routine but I was graciously given these product from Glamour Magazine for re-subscribing to their magazine which I am so excited for!!! It's all from balance me or Elemis which are such good brands that use good ingredients that really help your skin out so I am looking forward to the results!

First off balance me is a m a z i n g amazing because it has a strict no parabens, sulphates, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, dea, pegs, propylene glycol, artificial fragrance or colours! This is awesome because I know that the ingredients used will be the most natural and good for my skin possible! I have a lip balm by them and it is still to this day one of my favorites.

The  hand and body wash (£6) was interesting to me because of what a different label, it probably seems obvious that any wash you use on your body can most likely be used on your hands (but obviously not do the best job) and vice versa but the fact that this is labelled for hands and body kind of makes me question everything I've been using. . . ANYways the product smells really fresh and sweet with ingredients like grapefruit peel oil, Aloe Vera leaf extract and spearmint leaf oil you can be sure that this will cleanse and smooth your skin. I really like the size because it's 100ml and I am planning on going away before the year ends so this might just make it to the trip as a shower gel and of course hand wash :p

I am really excited to try the wonder eye cream (£20) because I seriously never use any eye creams and I have been meaning to buy one but since I never have it's never been a priority, yet since school has started again there's gonna be a lot more late nights and less morning lay ins so this couldn't have come at a better time. There's cucumber seed oil to help reduce puffiness which I think would be major issue, there are a lot of ingredients that help nourish and encourage cell growth and renewal like rosehip oil which is especially important if you wear a lot of eye makeup and even though I am no everyday mua my eye area will be happy for this :)

Lastly from balance me I got a  face mask (£12) which I love as I'm more into the care side rather than the art of makeup so I will always love face masks and trying out homemade diys or any shop bought cheap and if I can, pricey. I was actually so excited I kind of rushed to wash my face and try this on >.< I have to say it does say it caters for all skin types but I think it would be especially beneficial for those with dry skin in need of nourishing as it is very moisturizing yet plot twist it also includes fruit acids that removes dead skins and buffs away impurities so I understand why it says all skin types. It also has kaolin clay to draw impurities and re-balance the skin, I have read a couple reviews and most of it say they see results after a few weeks so I'll give an updated view later.
Oh I almost forgot to mention this product phoof woah like seriously the smell is a kick in the nostrils, I'm assuming it's because of the clay but wow. It's not pungent or anything, maybe I'm just used to sweet smelling masks or fresh scents so this warm spice scent was a surprise.

Onto Elemis... Ngl this is a new brand to me but I am happy to try it out! I know that St Ives is my go to exfoliate but this one was free and new so I just had to try it out... I actually really like it! In my defense it is both a wash and an exfoliator which I think is awesome and I can see it as something I use a lot in the mornings so that I can use less products and then save more time to stay in bed in the mornings! Other than that it's nothing special but seriously that isn't something I can find that does a good job in so I will be happy with this while I have it :)

Last but most certainly not least is Elemis lip balm, which thank you because I love lip balms I need them so much in my life thank you. This one is very minty and fresh but I like it especially because it lasts so long, honestly when I wear a lip product I need full on protection and the overall feeling that something is on my lips otherwise I'll just lick  it off; this offers that without being at all heavy. I wore this for a good half of the day (basically till I ate cause I'm a mess) and I didn't even think of biting my lips like I remember thinking like wow it still feels like it's on my lips and it is such a good prep for lipsticks because it leaves your lips feelings super smooth and luscious!

And that is the end, is anyone else reading Glamour magazine? I'm not a big fan of magazines but I do like this one because of how much inspiration I truly get from it :D Have you tried any of these products? let me know how you feel about them in the comments!