Thursday, 1 September 2016

GIVEAWAY Prizes :)

Recently I won these lovely lashes from The Blushing Giraffe (Iqra) which is so amazing!! I love her blog because she stands for ethical beauty and has completely banned any products that support zionism and it's just amazing because of how many there is and so her posts not only shows me alternatives but also gives the realest response and thoughts on products. She is also one of the first blogs I followed which made this win such a happy shock and so so special :) Can't wait for any reason to try on fake eyelashes for the first timee :D

I don't know why this is recurring but I cannot do eye things like I can't do a smokey eye no matter how hard I try, I don't own any eye creams and p l e a s e  No my eye liner is never even. So I'm always ready to try new things. Taislany was giving away these eye masks which really just intrigued me because I love face masks and decided that entering would be good fun... I actually won!! Woo I was super excited to try out this product because it is just so beautiful and had so many benefits. Unfortunately I had a negative reaction to the masks and actually made my eye area hurt so I had to stop using them, I did then give the rest of the eye masks to my mum who didn't really see much difference but enjoyed the experience nonetheless :)

I am really thankful for being given these and just wanted to say thank you even if it was a raffle I love them and am so grateful xx