Saturday, 24 September 2016

Learning in London

London. Such an amazing place don't you think? There's so much to do considering it is the capital city of England, loads of tourists visit here and for good reason. I went around London through an educational perspective and if you'd like to see how that went then keep on reading!

Starting off at the British Museum to keep it basic,  there's actually so much to do and see and considering it's free is a must to visit! I walked around for a bit and saw this which really intrigued me, probably because school just started and I've gotten into journaling recently so seeing Sigmar Polke's work that's started from 1941-2010 really shows how old journalling really is, capturing this every day art from advertisements and using water colours to show creativity inspired me to start and continue journaling.

the blind leading the blind
Later on was the Wellcome Collection for a bit more insight on the mind. This was from the Medicine Man collection, it was by a Dutch painter named Pieter Bruegel who liked to create painting with lots of little sayings that would reference to certain quotes that people at the time would understand, this one is specifically from the Bible and shows various  injuries to the eyes including eyes being removed and corneal leukemia. I was really captivated by this one in particular because it's still so relatable even today and well to be honest it wasn't at all as creepy as the other images were to convey the message. (If you're into gruesome stuff then definitely check this place out)

This is a letter inspired from Vladimir Nabokov's 'Alphabet in Colour' work, it was to demonstrate the art in the qualities of a moment itself. This was based on coloured hearing and how a letter could show that similar colour lettering synesthesia (associating letters with colours) can be learned through training, showing just how flexible the brain is. The letters in the collection are by Jean Holabird in 2005 who was inspired by Nabokov's autobiography which tied with the theme of science and soul. There were many more thought provoking collections that intrigued me in the State of Mind exhibition so I would definitely recommend this place to visit.

oF COURSE when I have control over what I eat I chose the most sugary stuff possible, to be fair I really wanted Sainsbury's milk choc chip cookies so when I genuinely made my friends come hunt for one with me, thankfully a nice gentleman could see (and probably hear) us me struggling to find one that he joined in the conversation and told us the directions to the closest one :) The energy drink was because I was feeling sleepy but I had work to do later on so I needed some quick energy to keep me in work mode. This isn't what I'd eat regularly, more like a big snack but it was just for the occasion and I did have a proper meal later that day that was specially made for me by my friend Niffya (on her mother's request that is) still was absolutely lovely especially as an ending to a lovely day out.