Wednesday, 21 September 2016

My Everyday Lip Combo

I'm not a big makeup geek, wait I'm not even a small makeup geek, I like to think of makeup as socially acceptable face paint if we're being honest. Nonetheless when I find a product I like and I think I can apply well, my happiness level of the day increases. On this particular day I was especially proud of discovering my new favourite pinky nude combo.
I only say new because when I was younger I used to own a really dark brown lip liner I got from my mum and pink vaseline and that would be my combo; and one time my mum complimented it and even though the pencil is really small I still keep it as a reminder of my awesome combo moment not even having a high opinion of myself I was just so proud.

Dun da duun! If you want to know what that awesome combo is it's a first layer of Primark lip liner in brown along the outline and in the sides with Sleek Eau la la liner in dragon fruit tapped in the middle, I say tapped because it's actually a really bold colour and I'm not really big on rocking bold lips everyday. I then finish it off with a coat of the clear Maybelline superstay 24hr lip colour (this one is in the shade 542 cherry pie if you're interested), this is mainly because it adds a glossy finish to these matte lip liners which I loveeee <3 It also balances out the colours making them less bright and more blended in together so it looks more like a proper lip look then just a few slicks and taps of brown and pink.

Here's the finished look that I am very much enjoying, I love, love, love this combo as it's the perfect balance between brown and pink but you also have so much freedom to add more or less depending on what you want! What's your favourite lip combo? Let me know in the comments or catch me on Twitter @beeingShazeda I'll be sure to reply!