Thursday, 30 April 2015

Spring Scrub

Is it just me or does anybody else not like getting tanned? It’s not anything big it’s just you see these people who get this amazing golden brown skin and it’s so perfect looking and then there’s me who literally just goes darker than a burnt cookie.
I don't know I blame the media for giving me all this false hope that the Sun will give me a shimmering glow that will cause me to be forever happy but whatever it’s not the end of world, I'm still BeeYoutiful =)

Anyways to tackle with this issue I've decided on changing my exfoliate, which used to be a Winter DIY scrub but as it's Spring I am going to revamp it as they are seasonal products for a reason… Because when a season changes the product needs to be changed (duh) =P

I am using cucumber as my main ingredient because of it being a 95% water vegetable, I can be sure that it will definitely be cool and refreshing after a day in the Sun! Due to the amount of antioxidants and silica within cucumber, it will not only help rejuvenate the skin (getting rid of any dark areas) but also help tighten any open pores, which basically means less breakouts! Woop woop!

Coconut Oil
This may be a fresh and clean feeling scrub but moisturising is still important and that’s when this brown beauty kicks in. The anti-oxidant properties make it great for all types of skin even though it has a creamy texture, it helps out those with dry skin the most (which is what you could get if you don't moisturise). This helps against spots, marks and just generally brightens your skin!

Caster Sugar
The caster sugar is what gives it its excellent exfoliating properties as its small grains are gentle and hydrating and dissolves easily in water hence perfect for a scrub!
Seriously though like without this it won't be a scrub.

Lemon Juice
It may be a small amount but size does not matter when it comes to lemon juice, as even this mere 10ml is full of vitamin C so can help brighten your skin as well as leaving it super clean and soft!

  • ¼ of a cucumber (a little goes a long way)
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil (moisturising is important to everyone)
  • 400g of caster sugar (add more for thicker texture)
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice (add more for runny texture)

  1. Chop cucumber into slices, doesn't need to be super thick or thin as it’s just so that it’s easier for the next step
  2. Put the sliced cucumber into a bowl and purée using a purée machine, add water if the mixture starts to get too thick to purée (I used coconut water to add with the coconut but it's definitely not necessary)
  3. Mix in the coconut oil with the cucumber, it will produce a sort of runny, clump which is gross but fun
  4. Fold in the caster sugar by adding it in small amounts, mixing as you go along
    If you tend to go super-fast because you're super excited like me then you may need to slow down in this step otherwise there will be sugar everywhere.
  5. For the final step mix in the lemon juice to make the scrub less coarse, I went with 2 tsp as it created a sort of clump-able sand texture but you can add more or less depending on your preference!

I use this scrub once or twice a week on my body before any hair removing process and two to three times a week on my face. I have noticed that I haven't had any breakouts but rather any marks from before are slowly fading and leaving a brighter happier looking me. 

Seriously though I'm not joking, if you don't exfoliate already you may want to invest into it (it doesn't even have to be this DIY even though it's using basic ingredients and is just so easy but like you don't have to) as exfoliates are crucial in helping you as it removes dead skin, turning your dull, dry skin into a more brighter and vibrant looking one and still keeping it super smooth that you would want anyone to touch it. As well as increasing blood flow around the body, allowing me to kind of take this time to give myself a good massage knowing that it will help create better absorption as any serum, moisturiser or even sun screen will be better taken in thus protecting my skin!

However these are fresh products and even if kept in a cool place (i.e. refrigerator) can go bad after a couple of months; nothing really major happens except the smell of the cucumber getting stronger.
Do not worry if the scrub starts to separate after a couple of days, just mix it and you are good to go :)

I love using scrubs and creating with this was just a lot of fun and I hope you have lots of fun if/when you create yours! I'd love to see your recreations, you can tag me on Instagram or Twitter as my link are on the side!
Talk later, Panda =)